Sunday, August 2, 2015

A "12 Tags of 2015" August Challenge

Hi everyone! And a big welcome to August.......the end of winter (for us down here in Aussie Land) and the promise of warm weather. Or the hope of snowy bliss for our Northern Hemisphere friends :)

This month in Aunty Vera Land we are celebrating...... Tim Holtz!!! Our August Sale Event is 20% off EVERYTHING with Tim's name on it. Exciting! What a great time to stock up on...well....GOODIES!!!!!

We'll also be having lots of Tim inspired fun....on the blog, on our facebook page, and especially in our Facebook come and join us.  To start off the month, Team Designer Amira introduces our Tim Tag competition....with a look at the Tim-inspired tags she has been making to date this year........

Hello Crafty Friends,

This month, we are running Aunty Vera's "12 Tags of 2015 August Tag Challenge" and I thought it be a fabulous chance to encourage you all to join by showing my 7 tags of 2015 to date.

I am so happy that I decided to follow Tim Holtz's tag challenge this year!! Have learnt so much, made such good use of my dies and supplies and have an amazing collection of art work that I made myself (plus double that because I participated in a swap challenge where we gave and received a tag each- BONUS!).

So without further is my collection to date:

And in order to appreciate them a bit more, I thought I would do a side by side comparison of Tim's tag (on your left) and mine (on the right):

The January Tags:

The February Tags:

The March Tags:

The April Tags:

The May Tags:

The June Tags:

The July Tags:

It is so interesting to look back upon these...I can see where I really put in the effort in some and where i only did the basics in others. It is also interesting to note that some tags I chose to follow Tim's design closely and for some I diverted into my own. The choices we make!

And now for the AUGUST CHALLENGE:

This is Tim's Tag:

And you can follow the step by step tutorial here

I can't wait to get started in this one. I will also be making an extra one for a lucky person who is interested in swapping. Leave your details in the comments below and don't forget to check out our Facebook Group Page to join this month's group challenge.

Until the next time,
Happy Crafting...



  1. Would love to do a tag swap Amira :) love your tag :) x

  2. Would love to do a tag swap Amira :) love your tag :) x


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