Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tabs and Bracket for a File Folder Mini Album

Hi Crafty Friends! I'm running a bit behind on all things in general, and on blogging in particular.So apologies for this blog being a bit of a ghost town over the last week. 
But I think this will make up for it........  today, Team Designer Amira has a play with Kaisercraft's Tabs and Bracket die set and comes up with a spectacular way to use the dies..... file folder mini albums for ATCs. I love them! I'm sure you will too.........

Hi everyone,
I have just finished putting together these simple Alice in Wonderland ATC's for a swap and was thinking of a cool way of presenting them.

I have this new die-set from Kaisercraft and I immediately thought..File Folder Mini Album.

So I cut some out of sturdy pattern paper. Here I used a pattern from Chase Rainbows by Kaisercraft.

I took 3 horizontally orientated project life cards (that I didn't care much for) and stuck them together back to back. 

 I then placed the tabs like so for the double page spread....

And the second....

And finally, the last double spread opening. I also placed the transparent sleeves, which the ATC's are usually traded in, on the right hand side of the mini album adhered with double sided sticky tape.

Next, I placed the ATC's to see how they looked in the album. The bold colours of the project life card were very bold for my liking so I placed old book pages leaving a quarter inch border which was just right!

Next, it was time to decorate the book pages just a little more.

For the first book page, I simply copied the quote over from the ATC. 
It is indeed ALWAYS TEA TIME!! 
Here, here!

But wait, I could add a few more embellishments here.

Now that looks fab! Always go that little bit extra, I say!

For the second book page , I pulled out words from the text which took my fancy. I think they work well here. I also did a light doodle around the periphery.

I love how this last spread turned out. I, once again, chose to pull the quote off the ATC. Added a few embellishments to make it pop and am very happy with the results.

And this is how I chose to decorate the front of the File Folder Mini Album. I was so worried about how to use that bracket but it is actually very simple to use. It sort of draws your eye to whatever object you wish to highlight. I love it!
Very sweet.

And because I was really on a roll, I decided to complete another swap that's due turning the ATC's into important documents in file folders. I just LOVE this new way of sending ATC's.

I am sending 5 ATC's to my friend Cary in the U.S. So, I called the files Cary files and numbered them from 1 to 5. I think she will be tickled!

Thank you so much for stopping by. I would love it if you left a comment below to tell me what you think. Until I write to you next....

Happy Crafting.

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  1. Excellent work Amira. You do go that bit extra and it really looks beautiful. I like creativity.


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