Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Triple Easel Card with Kaisercraft Nesting Dies and A Touch of Gold

Hi Crafty Bloggers.... did you see the tumbleweeds blowing through..??.....lol .....sorry, life has a way of getting so busy sometimes doesn't it? And when it does, this poor little blog tends to sit forgotten until things calm down again.
So here we are today - at the end of a terribly hot day in Sydney, Australia. I think we reached that predicted 38 degrees celcius. Oh Winter, how I miss you!! I hope Amira had her air con running when she sat down and took on this amazing task.......a Triple Easel Die-cut Card. Sounds like an Olympic Diving Event doesn't it? Take a look.........

Hello Crafty Friends,

Today I am playing with this versatile Bracket Nesting Die-Set from KaiserCraft.

Originally, I bought this set to make labels and matts for cards but today I took these humble dies and made a Triple Easel Card with them!! I found this amazing card (plus tutorial) on the Kaisercraft Blog.

Before I show you how I went on to decorate this triple decker Big Mac of an Easel Card *lol*, let me show you how I made it.

I used the largest 3 die sizes.

In order to make the base of the card, I used black card stock and cut them at:

1/ 5" x 10" - scored at 5"
2/ 4.5" x 9.5" - scored at 4.5"
3/ 4" x 8" -scored at 4"

Fold the papers in half and place the corresponding die so that the blade of one side juts over the folded paper.

This way, it doesn't cut and you get something that looks like this!!

Score one of these flaps in half, to get this look.

Next, use the corresponding sizes to cut decorative paper to your liking. I used papers from Kaisercraft's new range: A Touch of Gold

Next cut a circle and score it in half adding adhesive to one half.

 Place it as a stopper for the smallest Easel:

 This is what it looks like from the side:

So here is my triple Easel Card fully decorated.

Here is a look at the first and second tier:

This is the second and third tier:

Did you notice the flower embellishment. Isn't it gorgeous??

Here is how I made it.
 I used the rolled flower die by KaiserCraft:

I used a quilling tool to get the rolling started:

I then used hot glue to stick it together: 

To decorate it, I used a spray adhesive, then sprinkled fine glitter on top, and then fixed it with a fixative.

Here is the flower arrangement:

And here is what it looks like on the card:

Now you don't have to make a triple Easel Card. Here are some singles I made:

I picked positive up-beat sentiments for each of these cards.

 I think these would make great cheering up cards!

And this one, I thought, would make a great picture frame.

Oh, yeah, I did also make a double easel. 
I just couldn't help myself.
I love the message this gives.
It's one of the strips along the bottom of a 12"x 12" sheet.

 Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you found inspiration here. 
Till we meet again..
Happy Crafting..


Wow, thank you Amira, that's certainly a 10 out of 10!
Aunty Vera :)

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  1. This is a fabulous tutorial Amira.....I really like your style......Will be definitely trying this one..
    So many possibilities with this card,,,,,,,keepup the great work...


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