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Amira's Amazing Purse Collection

Hi Crafty Bloggers

I feel bad that I didn't publish this post yesterday - it would have made a super Melbourne Cup Day Crafty Post! Team Designer Amira has been creating paper purses, and oh my! I want one!!

Take a look..........

Dear Reader,

I must confess I have a slight obsession for purses. I am a heavy duty purse abuser and I have gone through so many in my shortish adult life. So when I saw THIS tutorial, I knew I had to give it a go.

Look what I made!!

I used this Nesting Square Bracket die by KaiserCraft.

And because I used a different die to what the tutorial used, I had to alter my measurements to make it work.

Size of card: 4 3/4" X 12" (scored @ 4 and 8 1/4)
Size of patterned paper: 3 2/8" x 4 3/4"

I adhered the patterned paper to the shortest panel on the card and taped my largest die down as follows: 

I then put my upper Sizzix plate up to the score line.

Notice how the right hand side of the die is exposed?

This area will not cut.

 When you put it through the Big Shot, you get this.

Follow the directions in the tutorial to then trim away and fashion your purse.

Wait! Did you notice that the picture used a different pattern paper that the original one I showed?
That's because I enjoyed making this so much I made so many!!

But first, let me finish showing you how my "purse" turned out.

Here it is one more time:

I used this gorgeous Vintage Pearl-Tone Brad as the mock closure.

This is what it looks like on the back...

 You could disguise that if you wanted but it was on the inside and it didn't detract from the project. 

For the handles, I punched holes with my hole punch and then used eye-lets and this cute red and white twine as the handle.

And on the inside, I used this floral embossing by Darice, to make it match the floral paper design which, by the way, I had in my stash since the turn of the century.

Look what else I came up with:

 The pattern paper I used here is from the Into the Wild collection paper by KaiserCraft

This one I call my Giraffe Purse.

 I love the diamond embossed texture here- reminds me of a Kardashian bag.

I also used the next size down bracket die to cut a little die-cut for a sentiment if you wished to use it as a card to send a loved one.

For the handle, I used ribbon and just made a knot on the inside.

This one I call the Tiger Purse:

Here is a closer look at the closure...

This one I call the Leopard Purse:

Here is a closer look at the closure..

Stay tuned at the end, for a quick how-to on how I made those.

The next one, is one I call The Snake Purse...

And actually, I turned this one from a Purse card to a purse album simply by attaching three 3x4 project life cards to the centre by a whole punch and thread

And here is a closer look at the closure.

I applied glitter to the chipboard (a little hard to pick up here)

This one, is my attempt at a Lacey Purse...

And have a look at the closure. 

My last purse is the one I call The Ivana Trump...

Look at the gaudy closure!!

Love it!!

How did I make these closures you ask?

Let me show you...

I've had these chipboard packs from a discontinued scrapbooking company and I never knew what to do with them till now.

All I did was ink them first, then heat emboss them using a VersaMark Pad and clear embossing powder. Wait for it to cool, then apply the embossing pad again followed by a second showering of clear embossing powder and perfect pearls on top.

Gently heat from a distance or your perfect pearls will FLY!

and you get this...

For this piece of chipboard, I substituted perfect pearls for glitter.

 After heating the second coat of clear embossing powder, I quickly sprinkled pink glitter on top and it stuck/dried onto the clear top layer and, believe it or not, not a single flake of glitter comes off this thing (which is good because flaking glitter IRKS me).

I even used the excess marketing chipboard piece 

and turned it in to this

and while the second clear coat was still molten, I stamped into it with a rubber stamp.

I also did the same with this closure I showed earlier..

Here are all my babies lined up in a row..

They look so good, they sure beat my 'real' purse collection..

Hmmm...maybe I could open a purse store....

Thank you so much for stopping by..
Let me know which one is your favourite by commenting below.
Thanks again for stopping by,

Wow thank you Amira - you're ready to hit the town!!
I have to say, I LOVE the Tiger Purse!! Well, I love them all but Tiger is my absolute favourite xx
Aunty Vera :)

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