Saturday, April 30, 2016

Aunty Vera's Kitchen: Homemade Mozzarella Sticks Champions

Hi everyone,

I received some happy mail this week and among my goodies was this recipe which I knew I just had to try out.

Fortunately for me, I had all the ingredients I needed to make my new favourite recipe!

Warning: This is not a a paid presentation!

I asked the troops if they wanted spinach in their Moza sticks and they all said NO, so we were off to a flying start with diverting from the original recipe (which if you know me, I am prone to do).

This recipe is VERY simple to make. Put all the ingredients in the mixer and mix well.

Diversion #2 from the recipe occurred when I couldn't for the life of me flatten down the sticky mixture into the pan so we decided to roll them out into sticks from now.

A grandpa A.K.A father-in-law can be employed to do this :)
Note the sticky hands! Yes, its a bit messy but its worth it-BELIEVE ME!

This is how many we got out of that one batch. I would recommend making double next time!

Into the freezer for an hour and then it was time to dunk and drench!

I then asked the troops if they wanted it fried or baked and they all yelled: FRIED! and I threw all my papers in the air and thought- why do I bother with recipes LOL

This is what they looked like floured and breaded and YES I did use PANKO! There is NO substitute (once again, this is not a paid presentation)

I tried to use as little oil as possible!
We are after all, trying to live healthy.

Here they are cooking away!!

 Note the change from paper towels to parchment paper!! 
You wouldn't want to be eating melted cheese with bits of paper towel now would you?

They look so good- we couldn't wait to eat them!!

Even when they were HOT right out of the pan!!

Yum!!! Stretchy mozzarella :)

Hello Aunty Kate! Thanks for stopping by. 
Would you like some mozzarella sticks???

We had a lineup by the stove top! They didn't even make it to the dinner table.

 I had some left over spaghetti bolognese sauce which was the perfect companion for my mozzarella champions 

Now ensues a series of food pornography where cheese is busting out of its modest panic coverings!

Yum!! Just blogging makes me want to make some.
Will you give it a try and let us know if you like these little champions??

Thank you for stopping by Aunty Vera's Kitchen where we do try and bring you food that is pretty darn delicious.
xx AmiraInOz


  1. Wow! Looks yummy. Wanna give this a try.

  2. Wow they look great
    Seeing everyone enjoying them is just fantastic too
    Well done

  3. Wow they look great
    Seeing everyone enjoying them is just fantastic too
    Well done


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