Friday, January 27, 2017

Amira's January Kit Project #4 - Shaker Embellishments

Hello Crafty Friends!

I told you our January Kit was so full of crafty goodness it would keep you crafting all month, right? Well we still have a couple of Creative Team projects to squeeze in before the end of January. 
See.... told ya! lol

Today, Amira shares her fabulous Shaker Embellishments. Such fun!!

Hello dearies !!

I am back with my final project for January. You are going to LOVE this one.
I sure do.

Today, I grabbed my Cheery Lynn Shaker Embellishments (the hearts), the left over paper, some acetate sheets, fun foam and some nesting dies I had from my stash in the hope of making some shaker embellishments.

I used the second and third to smallest dies to create my elements.
Each embellishments will need a large background die-cut, a large acetate die-cut, a foam ring created by nesting the small and large die together through the die-cutting machine and a decorative pattern paper ring.

Do you like my tribute to the Olympics? :)

Now, its time to assemble.

Start off with a large background piece and using a fine tip applicator (PVA glue works just fine), adhere the foam ring to the large background piece. 
Now you have a donut ;)

Next, pull your Cheery Lynne embellishments out and have a feel for how cool they are. I want to make a chain mail heart shirt out of them!
But be careful- sigh!
They do have a warning that says they have sharp edges. For the "special" people I guess.

Using your SHARP fine scissors (responsible adults only please), snip a row of hearts and enjoy working small ;)

They fill your little donut nicely.

Next, glue your acetate on top of the foam.
Then add your ring of decorative paper to hide the acetate!!

How easy is that!
Embellish like crazy!

Oh and on that note. 
You know the Celebrate It flowers that came in the January Kit?
These ones?

I added a drop of the Nuvo Jewel drops to them.

When they dry, they look like dew drops on petals!
They are truly magical :)

After I made batch #1, I revved up a notch and pulled out......

Yep you guess it!
Hello babies!!

How cute are these :)

I then revved up one more notch and added seed beads AND sequins along with the shaker hearts.

Look at how unique these are.

I then revved up to top notch and added a double foam ring to allow for these TINY polymer clay embellishments that I mis-ordered last year from eBay (do you remember my whinge?)

Life has taught me time and time again that things happen for a reason!
I may not know why at the time but there is purpose to everything! I am SO happy I have these little things and excuse me while I go and clear out Aunty Vera of all these shaker embellishments because I have now gone GAGA for shaker embellishments!!

I embellished this one with those flowers I prepared earlier (still wet so looks a bit milky) AND I added my word for 2017 and put it on a paper clip.

Here is another one. Oh boy, this is so addictive.

You can watch my tutorial here

I sure hope you give embellishment shakers a go.
Thank you so much for joining me. 
See you next month.


  1. Love love love
    I am excited too
    Great job

  2. Very creative. Love that little ice cream cone in the one shaker!


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