Friday, January 20, 2017

DIY Monthly Planner Booklet - Amira's January Project #3

Hello Crafty Friends!

Are you ready for some more January Kit fun? Today Amira has combined her love of planners with the goodies in our January Kit and has created a fabulous Planner Booklet. Enjoy!!......

Welcome back to Project #3 for the January Kit.

With the left over Simple Stories paper, stickers and Bazzill Card stock, I decided to make a Traveler's Notebook Insert of the month of January.
For anyone into planners, you might find this interesting.
I have been TRYING to achieve "Planner Peace" since 2015 and I think this year is the year so make my own!

I used the cut apart papers on the confetti background for the front cover and added stickers where they felt right (always a dubious intuitive process for me)

Just out of complete curiosity, Auld Lang Syne is a Scots poem written by Robert Burns in 1788 and it means "as time goes by".
You can sing along to it here

On the inside of the first page, I created a folder on the left hand side and decorated it with more stickers and a cut apart and then I decide to make like a count down page on the right hand hand counting me into January.
Cheesy? Yes! I know :)

So I decided to make 4 weeks in a horizontal format and instead of cutting any paper off, I folded over the excess to create a to-do / shopping list for each week.
I am a HUGE fan of weekly spreads in an opening. Don't care MUCH for dailies as I often don't have TOO much time to fill them but I suppose I could art and stamp in my daily pages. I suppose.

So here is the look of week 1.

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Since January ends on a Tuesday, I decided to add a sheet entitled "What we did in January" and I made 10 bullet points. It will be interesting to read this page at the end of every month as a quick review at the end of the year.

This now takes you to the middle of the booklet and although you could combine 2 months in a booklet, I decided to add my handwriting challenge here. 
I have had a GOOD THINK and I am going to steer away from going sticker crazy and really try to improve on my calligraphy. I think this challenge is excellent. Its called the Rock Your Handwriting Challenge and there is a FB group for it.

I dedicated 2 prompts a page for this and decorated it with washi and more stickers.

I am also keen to use up all my hoarded stickers and although New Years theme and Pooh bear do not feel like they go, there is a transition through the pages and it really does look good in real life I promise. 

One of my deco tapes ordered from China had this saying "Treasures the Life" which crack me up and I was having a GREAT time making this booklet that I decided it was a fitting quote for the end page.
Except, it looks like Piglet is levitating, so I really should go back and reattach him to the ground! 

If you are interested in seeing my process video, you can find it here

This really is shaping up to be my best year ever :)


Oh and PS, guess what!!
Sticker sheet SMASHED! 


  1. Well done amira
    Looks like u had lots of fun
    May the year get even better for you

  2. You really do like your stickers don't you Amira...and not just the facebook version lol


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