Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Get to Know our Creative Team - Amira's Crafting Goals for 2017

Hello Crafty Friends....... and welcome to a new series on our blog... Get to Know Our Creative Team. We'll ask our Team some crafty questions each month and let them give you an insight into their worlds. As we ring in the New Year, it's only right that we should ask our CT about their 2017 resolutions.... CRAFTY resolutions that is ;)
Yesterday Amira shared her first January project with us so today.... let's take a peek into her craft room and see what she's planing for the year ahead......

Hello dear readers,

I find myself at the end of yet another year and sitting down to do some quiet reflecting. Hasn't this year just flown by? As always, I am grateful for my health and the health of my family but that is another post all together. Today, I am here to talk about goals. Do you make goals every year?
For me, making goals is important. It keeps me moving forward. I make goals for every aspect of my life and goals for crafting is no exception.

Craft goals #1- Use my supplies!! 

That is my #1 craft goal for 2017. I have STASHES of old paper collections that I USED to have ideas for but now they just sit there forgotten untouched. Not good! Use your supplies Amira. Fall in love with what you have. And make room for new gorgeous things! Did I just say that?

Craft goal #2- Act on ideas straightaway!! 

It is often that I see a craft supply that I like and I buy it knowing what I want to do with it, however, time and circumstances do not permit and the project sits dead in the water. In 2017, I hope to find the time to bring those ideas to life and share them with all my crafty friends.

Craft goal #3- Art for me!!

I have joined a year long online art group and hope to spend time to learn more about how to paint like an artist. I plan to turn on the camera as I art so you can (if you wish) join me.

Craft goal #4- Be more organised!

At times, I work in up to 3 layers of projects at a time! Who does that? I need to organise a bit better (a lot better) so that I don't spend more time cleaning than I do crafting.

Crafty Goal #5- Get on top of my memory keeping!!

We all know Project Life and I are not on good terms. I have come to accept that and move on. I think this year I will try to print 3"x4" pics and put them in my traveler's notebook inserts. That way, I get to write down my thoughts AND stay on top of photos. Two birds with one stone. Legend :)

So now that my goals are out there, my next step is to achieve them!!

I wish you all a very positive and productive goal achieving 2017 :)
xx AmiraInOz


  1. "Art for me" is sort of one of my goals as well.

  2. Good luck amira
    All the very best

  3. We are all so Arty Party lol.. And I like you need to do more crafting and less cleaning lol.. I really do love your work Amira xx


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