Thursday, January 26, 2017

Happy Australia Day 2017

From all the Team here in Aunty Vera Land, we wish all our Aussie Friends (and our overseas Honorary Aussies) a very Happy Australia Day!

Bill and Scraption Man will be taking a well earned day off today and enjoying the day in a very Aussie way........ having a barbeque and making the most of our fabulous weather......

Happy Australia from my crafty studio here in the West of Aus xoxo

While some of our workers, will enjoy their lazy schedule.....

Other workers are ready to hose you off when it reaches it's estimated 39C here in Perth!

And some workers..........

Well, some people are just miserable guts no matter what!!

Well to me personally, I would say I am proud of being an Australian.
I love this wonderful country of ours.
I love the diversity of the cultures, of the people, of the food.
I love that it doesn't matter where we are in Australia
I still feel like I am home..
And don't forget it is a holiday lol..   
A true blue Aussie, hat and all hehe...

And of course my dog had to get in on the act..

Meet... 'Dumbledore' Dumbles for short.

So happy to be an Honorary Aussie Happy Australia Day all the way from the USA xx

Meet Kirby.   
He flew all the way from Australia to my home, just so he could help me 
write my Australia Day sign!   
He's a handy helper and often gives me crafting advice.

With love from the AVSC Creative Team 2017


  1. Happy Australia Day back at you Vera love your finished sign Bill, Donna and to the fabulous Dumberdore love his name, Amira who is proably more Aussie than most of and to our honoury Aussie Lolly .... Happy strayla day team and all the crafty peeps....

  2. Happy Aussie day everyone
    Aussie Aussie Aussie
    Oi oi oi


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