Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day 2017

From all the Team here in Aunty Vera Land, we wish all our crafty friends a LOVEly International Chocolate Day... oops... I mean Valentine's Day :)

This is the day when Bill really shines... doing what he does best.... baking chocolatey treats for his Mumma Bear (aka Aunty Vera).....

I'll be enjoying these fabulous chocolates......

And meet Cozette (Cozy). She found my hidden stash of chocolates, even though the box is labeled "my very healthy snacks. "

Oh.. My.. Goodness,
I loooove Choccies.
My favourite would have to be milk chocolate surrounding
peanut brittle. yum ... yum
and chocolate liquorice
and chocolate caramel
and chocolate flakes
and chocolate, well, you get the idea, anything chocolate lol..

We've got a haul here people!
Make way!

The boys from acquisitions have "acquired" some dark chocolate!
And after a hot day (see they all took their shirts off), they sat down to enjoy their well deserved treat.

La La Loopsy asked for them to build her her very own "Stonehedge" out of chocolate.

And when Brainy Smurf was telling everyone a nice story about the origins of Valentine's Day, Grumpy cat just had to rain on everyone's parade.

Afterwards, hungry man ate Stonehedge!

Happy Valentines from all of us <3

xx Amira and Co

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  1. Good stuff ladies

    Amira you are truly special and have very special friends


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