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Hello, I Love You: 10 Cards featuring Tweet & Tweety - Amira's February Project #1

Hello Crafty Friends
We have more love and sweetness for you today with the first of Amira's February projects.
Enjoy! .........

Dear crafty readers,
I am so excited to share with you my project for the February Kit!
If you would like to see my unboxing for this kit, check it out HERE
You can find more about this kit at Aunty Vera's Site HERE

I used the Lawn Fawn stamp and dies to create 10 cards in this No Patterned Paper Challenge. 

Thats right!
I challenged myself to create my own background & elements by stamping only!!
So I started off by stamping a whole sheet of the Ranger Specialty Paper,

And colouring them in with a range of alcohol markers ( I mainly stuck to KaiserFusion and the Chameleons).

I used my own stash of card bases ( 4.25" x 5.5") and I also cut 10 card fronts (at 4" x 5.25").
So let me show you the cards I made:

Card 1:  Tweet & Tweety sending happy mail

This card introduces you to the 2 gorgeous little chicks in the stamp set whom I have affectionately named Tweet and Tweety.
 In this card, Tweet & Tweety are sending out happy mail to their friends. Both the chicks and the letters are die-cuts while the sentiment is stamp right onto the card front. For this card, I chose to have a plain white background. I added punched out hearts from red card stock and I also added some glossy and 3D effect by adding a texture medium with my fine tip Irresistible Pico Embellisher.

You can see I applied it here on the bird's beaks and on the hearts.

Card 2:  Tweet & Tweety Texting

In this card, Tweet and Tweety show us just how hype and new age they are by texting each other in this new digital age. I don't know about you, but I got my first mobile phone at the age of 18 when I was at university so these little birdies have been really spoilt by their parents!
Once again in this card, the birds and the cell phones are stamped, coloured & die-cut, and adhered to the card while the sentiment is stamped right on to the card front.

I used just a little bit of blue color to give the screen a tint, then i added the Pico Embellisher to the mobile phone screen to make it look "glassy".  Watch out for tiny bubbles though!!
 Make sure you get them all off or else it leaves little pit marks on your otherwise perfect surface.

 I also TOTALLY adore this sentiment in this stamp set! I used it a few times !

Card 3 Three mobile phones

I LOVE these little phones!! They are just the cutest! 
I knew I wanted to dedicate a whole card to them.
I stamped these 3 phones right onto the card front and around them, I used the little text images (hearts and hi's) to create a "chatter background".
I then decided to color each phone in to give them a character of their own.

This is my blue boy- we'll  call him Blu. This is one of the small smiley faces that you can use to add character in your stamping.

This is my pink girl- lets call her P!nk (after her favourite rock singer).
This smiley face stamp has lashes so you can make anything feminine.

And this is The Nerd (he's my favourite). 
I love this smiley face with glasses.
More of him to come later I promise.

For a 'real life' effect, I added the Pico Embellisher to the steel grey of the phones to make they more shiny and more textured. These are great to touch.

And of course, that sentiment!! So perfect right here!

Card 4 Happy Mail & I Love You Couple

This card is a tribute to a perfect couple!
Love and happy mail!
Which is not to be confused with bills!
Nobody loves bills!!
But everyone loves happy mail.

The background here is once again fairly simple. I used both the open heart and closed heart to create alternating rows of each in of course the color red. 
I stamped and die-cut the open letter envelope and placed them in the middle off centre to each other. The first element is stuck down with regular double sided tape but the second one is mounted with foam tape just to give an added element of dimension.

The sentiment here is a little forgiving.
It could mean "A little message to say happy mail, I love you!"
Or it could mean "A little message to say .... " and you place your message to the card recipient on the inside of the card. 
I love a good mystery.

Card 5 Lotsa Happy Mail

This card is a tribute to receiving lots of happy mail!!
How happy is this day for you?
I know it makes my day after a long day at work I get home and find LOTS of happy mail for me !!

This card was very simple to make!
The background is a stamped and addressed envelope to which I added that same open letter envelope stamp I used in the previous card.
I stamped them on kraft card just to see how they differed from white card and they look fab, so I went with it.


For this card, I decided to feature the 3 closed envelopes once again but this time, give them some color.

I matched their shade to the color of the card base using my distress inks (Evergreen Bough did the trick). I then added some shine and dimension with my Pico Embellisher.
Next, I turned my attention to the sentiment. A simple "happy mail" was perfect there and because I just adore that font, I thought it was apt to include a calligraphy pen on either side of the sentiment. I coloured it in brown to make it look like it was a vintage wooden one.

I then got an idea to add "I love" to complete the sentiment (I love happy mail) at the tope of the card. I did this by masking off the 'you' in the 'I love you' stamp.

Card 7 Ink pot and Calligraphy Pen

Another simple card but this one is one of my favourites!
That calligraphy pen is making me want to go out and find one to call my own.
So I decided to recreate a scene of what it would look like if I owned an ink pot and calligraphy pen.

I would make a mess!
And not this kind of 'artistic ink splatter' either!
Here I stamped the ink pot first then added a die-cut of the pen. 

I then creatively tried to splatter ink everywhere.
That was hard!
One more!
Just one more!

I think the theme here is perfect to send as a 'thank you'.

Card 8 The Return of Tweet & Tweety

Tweet and Tweety must have been listening in on me because here they are with an ink pot of their own and look at the mess they have just made!

This is another of my favourite cards. 

Here I die-cut the chicks and the calligraphy pen but stamped the ink pot.

I stamped the large ink splotches in black as well as a few drops of ink but I decided to use the smaller size as a background element and in different colors to make it look like the chicks had stepped in ink and then walked all over the card front.

This sentiment make it perfect for an 'any occasion' card.

 Card 9 Tweet & Tweety's Nerdy Chick Friend

Another favourite element in this stamp set is the faces that can allow you to customise the phones and even the chicks I discovered!

 I was playing around with it and yes! the little face with glasses fits very nicely on the chick stamp so I decided to introduce a new visually challenged friend (and I say this affectionally because I am myself visually impaired! Long live nerds! Just sayin').

Isn't he cute! 
I love him!

I also stamped the 'smiley glasses face' a few times in the background but I didn't want it to be too busy so I refrained from going stamp crazy.

 I did add the Pico Embellisher to the birds to give them some shine.

I also added it to the red hearts on either side of the 'thanks' for some added texture.

Card 10 Happy B-day chickie!

For this card, I could NOT help myself!
I went stamp crazy with the smiley faced glasses stamp.
He makes the BEST background!
Bit excited!

I then decided to bring back the chicks to wish the recipient of this card a "Hi, I love you and Happy birthday".
 Each chick and speech bubble is mounted with foam tape to seperate it from the background just a little.


After my love with last month's shaker embellishments, I decided to do another shaker card this month.

My first thought was to create a mobile phone conversation between a couple in love.
She starts the conversation on the left in red (and ends it too do you notice?), but he IS the first one to say the words!! TWICE! And I think she loves him too...
Awww- So sweet!

Here is another look at it laying down so you can see the elements in the shaker card.

And another closer look.

This is another of my favourites.

Ok folks, here are all my cards in one shot - very hard to do by the way!

If you enjoyed reading this,  I also happened to have filmed the process which you can find HERE

Thank you so much for joining.
I hope you found inspiration (and a little giggle) here


  1. YAY!! Love and sweetness from Tweet & Tweety <3

  2. Such adorable little tweeters amira
    I love yr ideas

  3. Anonymous is me amira
    Sausage fingers


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