Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Oh Crafty Things, I love you so! Amira's Top 5 favourites

Hello Crafty Readers!

It's Heart Month and we're asking our Team about true love.... in the craft room that is!
Today Amira tells her Crafty Things how much she really loves them.

Dear Craft Room,

Have I told you lately that I love you?
Have I told you there's no other place above you?
Have I told you there's no other place I'd rather be?
You fill my heart my gladness!
You take away all my sadness!
Ease my troubles that's what you do!

(Whatever happened to good ol' Rod? I wonder what he looks like now?)

It's no secret that I love my craft room!
I treat it badly, mess it up and still it is good to me.
So this Valentine's Day, I thought I would sing an ode to my craft room and tell you about my top 5 favourite things IN my craft room!

1- My BigShot!

This baby is a HORSE!
No! An Ox!
This tool is one of my most used everyday crafting tools and it has taken a lot of cranking and yanking and it is still in good shape after coming on to 3 years now!
Die-cutting is hands down one of my favourite things to do and this machine has not let me down!
$99 - bargain for what it can do for me!

2- Watercolors

It is no secret my favourite colouring medium is watercolour.
I don't know why but I love it.
I started off with the cheap brands and loved the flowing properties and the ability to achieve layers of translucency and ombre effects as well as shading. As I moved on to more expensive brands, I loved the intensity of the color of the pigments and last year took an artist course to actually be able to paint landscapes and portraits using water colors. 
My recent additions are the Prima pans. I love the colors in these sets.
I still want to own a palette of Gansai Tambi - I wonder how different they are from the Koi's. 
I also want to try out Daniel Smith and Golden watercolours. 
Good things are coming!!

3- Stampaholic Nano

This is a new addition to my crafty family.
A stamping tool that I have had my eye on for about a year before I went ahead and bought it.
I did make a home-made one and used it for a while to make sure it was something I wanted and not just a fad and I found myself convinced that it was a handy tool.
And is it ever.
The grid is etched onto the glass so I line up perfectly every time.
The foam is thick and quickly removable to allow the stamping of both clear and rubber stamps.
The magnets are STRONG and your paper will not budge while you stamp.
This helps me achieve a perfectly stamped image every time!
My only wish was that I should have bought the regular size not the Nano.
Hanging out for Tim Holtz's stamping tool now!

4- My Janome 

Let me introduce you to my other love.

In my "spare time", I also love to sew.
I never learnt to sew at school and indeed, Mr Youtube is my current tutor.
I love watching quilting videos and giving things a go.
It doesn't help that I work where I work.
I love fabric. Almost as much as paper.
Although, paper is cheaper!
But you can also sew on paper!
Ahhhhh, sweet sweet Janome.

5- Crochet

Did you know that I love to hook?

Yes! I crochet!
My beloved grandmother taught me to crochet from an early age and I also learnt it at school so I have been crocheting for years and years.

I usually crochet in the colder months.
I make scarfs and beanies for the boys.
Last year I made something for myself!! 

This is a 2 way infinity scarf. 

I've also been experimenting with different types of granny squares.

I have this thing for granny squares and match work.

I have a bag of them.

The bag is even made out of granny squares.

Looking forward to the winter all over again now :)

Would love to know about your favourite crafty things.
Maybe even just one?
And as a special present, I give you...
Rod Stewart!!
Is that a crochet scarf??


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  1. Oh my I HAVE LOVED ROD SINCE I Ws a young teenager
    His latest album is terrific
    I love to sew too...amira
    On my JANOME
    Thankyou for sharing
    Dies/ Rod/ Janome
    What more do we need


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