Tuesday, March 21, 2017

All the leaves are brown - Amira's March Project #3: Making Leaves

Hello Crafty Readers!

What do you do when you live by the sea and Aunty Vera tells you that all the leaves are brown?
Well you make your own leaves of course!!

Join Amira today as she creates a glittery magical forest......

Hello everyone, 

I have been making leaves!
Yes- here by the ocean, we have no leaves!
But fear not!
With this Tim Holtz leaf stencil, I have been making leaves!

I needed texture paste one night for a crazy project I had thought of and because, well, no shop was open at 11pm when I usually craft, I made my own texture.

Here is the recipe in case you find your self in the same situation one day (wink)

Home made Texture Paste Recipe adapted from Gabrielle 

1/2 cup Baby Powder
2 Tablespoons white school glue
1-2 Tablespoons White Acrylic Paint
(some water may be necessary)

So I grabbed some wax paper I knew I had kept for some reason and applied the texture paste through the stencil on the waxy side and allowed it to dry.

I also did one sheet using the Nuvo glimmer paste (but that photo has mysteriously gone AWOL)

I allowed them to dry for at least 24 hours and was able to peel them fairly easily from off of the wax paper.

Here is what the glimmer paste leaves looked like.

Because of the texture and perhaps ingredients within the glimmer paste, these leaves held their shape well and felt somewhat pliable. They felt like real embellishments I could use that wouldn't fall apart on me.
The leaves made out of texture paste however were a bit delicate and I feared they would crumble once applied to a project.

Here is a leaf sprayed with Heidi Swaps gold shine.

Here is a texture leaf painted with gold acrylic paint.

I wondered what a gold heat embossed leaf would look like so I stamped VersaMark Ink on top of the leaf and dusted it with gold embossing powder and heated it through and it turned out pretty well.

This they gave me the idea of heat embossing all the leaves I had coloured with clear embossing powder.

Here is how they turned out...

These leaves were inked with the Tim Holtz Ink set from the March Kit, then clear heat embossed.

And because I was subconsciously singing  "All the leaves are brown ".... I even made a few brown leaves!!

Here is my new leaf family :) 

I added these leaves to a card front I made using the resist technique (stay tuned next week for that post!). They just go so well as a cluster here.

I hope you give making leaves a go!!

You can watch the whole process on my YT channel here :)
Happy crafting..

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