Tuesday, March 7, 2017

All the Leaves Are Brown: Woodland Pop Up Box Card - Amira's March Project #1

Hello Crafty Friends!
Ready for more Autumnal crafty fun? The Pebbles Woodland Forest papers as SO cute! And Amira has found the perfect project for them!

All the leaves are brown ...
And the sky is grey.....

Oh hello dear reader,
Thank you for joining me for my first creative design team project for this gorgeous March autumn themed kit. And don't we have a lovely song to sing to as we do it.... thanks Aunty Vera ;)

So, as soon as I saw these gorgeous cut aparts, they gave me the idea to create a pop-up box card.

The dimensions are perfect! The large ones for the front and back and the small ones for the side.

I started off with a piece of kraft card stock that is 12 " wide by 7" high.
Scored along the short edge at 3.5".

I then scored it at 4", 6" and 10".
I then cut up to the score line at those points.

The small side flaps need to be 2 x 2 so I cut them down with my paper trimmer.

You should have something like this.

Keep those extra pieces. You will need them.

Your box should start taking shape after you start folding and playing with it.

Now as for those extra bits...

Put double sided tape on them.
They will serve to hold your box together underneath the pattern paper.

Then it's time to decorate.
I chose this pretty fox at the main card feature.

I did choose to trim the 3"x 4" card by an 1/8th of an inch to allow a border around it.

Then its time to decorate the sides and the front of the card as well.

I did choose to matt the inside and outside of the box too for extra decoration :)

Next you will need 2 strips of card stock 5 " x  0.5" and scored at 0.5" and 4.5"

Place double sided sticky tape on either end and position them along the inside of the box.

Next, its time to make decorations for the inside of the card.

I fussy cut these ADORABLE characters from the paper Woodland Critters.

And I popped them onto tooth picks.
So cute!

Here's how I secured the backs

As I was using the tooth picks, I thought about how cute it would be to make a washing line using these tooth picks and the jute string which came in the kit.
So I did!

And I turned it into a banner string and put up some flags with fishtails.

Then I found some mini clothes pegs from my stash and cut out another cut apart card and hung that on there. This is interchangeable as the pegs can easily be put on and taken off - no glue!

I did secure the tooth picks down with hot glue though!

I then thought the tops of the "poles" were looking a bit bare so my mind quickly thought of these cute stickers from the March kit ...

How PERFECT does this look??

And a close up because they are so cute!

Next element was some green grass.

This paper was already perfect in pattern and color.

All I needed was my grass punch and voila...

Grass is looking good in our woodland box.

Next, I needed a tree so I fussy cut this paper out 

and added a tree, a gnome and a toad stool.

Next up, I used these amazing beautiful embossed and gold foiled leaves. 

I interspersed them with the critters on tooth picks so that they can be the inhabitants of my woodland forest.

You don't have to be afraid of the bears in this cute woodland.

And the racoons don't make any smells I promise!

And we know exactly what the fox says here!

He sings... All the leaves are brown... 

Bear & Racoon sing backup (all the leaves are brown)

And the sky is grey ...

(and the sky is grey)

I'm trying to work here!

So here is my woodland box in all its cuteness :)

Thank you so much for stopping by.
I did film this process, you can find the video here

I hope you found inspiration here.
Stay tuned for more projects coming using my March Kit.


  1. Amira hope you don't mind but I am so going to case this box.. Love it x


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