Friday, March 24, 2017

Road Test Friday: Tim Holtz Distress Crayons with Jenni

Hi everyone! 
Welcome to another Friday Road Test! We'll be giving our Road Testers new products to try out and reporting back the results and (hopefully) great experiences.

Today Jenni gets her fingers inky playing with Tim Holtz's Distress Crayons......

Distresscrayons come in a pen like tube which when applied feel like lipstick.
Very soft and creamy

They can be smeared or blended (without contaminating each other if you layer them)

They are available in 61 colours, plus Picket Fence (white) and can be used on most surfaces.

I smeared this with my finger
I am not sure if it is the weather, but it dried very quickly and I found the last ones would not blend

 As they are Distress, they play well with water. So I added some water to see and was very happy with this result...the pigment followed the water

Then i decided to draw some on my desk and lift it with a paint brush to see the result.
How exciting is this!

Instant water can make it as light or as dark as you like.....

 Wow love this!

So then I got very excited and thought..,,I wonder what will happen with a stencil

The first pink one I applied directly with the crayon..... but found it went underneath so not
too successful

The second green one I drew directly on the the stencil itself and smeared it with my finger.....perfect

Then i used a make up sponge...dabbed it on my desk and picked it up

These crayons also work on a gessoed surface
You can paint it with modge podge.....i would advise very lightly as it can move with water
I found the pen like feature enabled me to be quite precise if i wanted to be
You may use a fair bit of your crayon if u do a large surface as you apply it quite thickly

All in all I love them!
What a terrific addition to the distress range
And all our fave distress colours too

Thank you for inking with me today
xx Jenni


  1. Great information Jenni
    This will help people a lot 👍

  2. Thanks Jenni this is the first real demo of distress crayons that actually makes sense to me and a much simpler way to use and understand Thankyou..... I tried to down load to pinterest but it would go .....


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