Wednesday, March 22, 2017

With Which Colours Do You Play? .... Amira's Favourite Crafting Colours

Hello Crafty Readers!

It's been dark and grey all day here in Sydney, and we have just had the BIGGEST BANG CRACK YEOW thunderstorm! I need a bit of colour after a day like that.

So let's get Amira singing..... and splashing her favourite colours around.......

Hello everyone,
Did someone say play?
Oh I love to play and with colors I especially love to play!

I love all colors - no discrimination of colors here!
My favourite tool is my handy color wheel.

I took a class on color and they had me making my own color wheel.

And mixing our own colors out of the 3 primary colors: red, yellow and blue.

But one of my most favourite things to do on a day when I don't really have much in mind is to make colourful backgrounds.

There are a few rules to this game:
Choose 3 colors,
Any application method,
stencils are allowed,
neutral colors like white or black are also allowed
and a 1 minute timer.


Oh the fun to be had!
But first!!!

Yes... use protection! That's all I have to say :)

Now on to play fun!

First background : yellow, orange and red 

This is my favourite part of the whole background :)

Here is another attempt ...

Love that dry scrubbing!!

I also love the black through the punchinello sequin waste trim.

Next colors : yellow, green and aqua

How beautiful is this :)

This part makes me SO happy

Negative space is very pleasing here.
The less brush strokes the better.

Next color combination: violet, burgundy and red


Next color combinations the mint, blue and green.

Just gorgeous!!

The next fun thing to do is to play with complimentary colors!!

First up : Orange and blue!!

I love this section right here ...

Next up: Red and green !!
(and the challenge is NOT to make is look like Christmas)

Just so inspirational!!!

Next up: yellow and purple :)

There was a slight contamination but happy mistakes are allowed :)

And one of my favourite combinations: hot pink and teal :)

How amazing did this turn out!

Love it SO MUCH!!

So as you can see, you can't just ask me what my favourite color is!!
I love them all!!

The link for this play of shenanigans is HERE
They are all truly beautiful!!

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