Tuesday, April 18, 2017

On the Bunny Trail: Amira's Happy Egg Hunt

Hello Crafty Readers!

Even though Easter has come and gone, do you ever need an excuse for Easter Crafting? I know I don't! And our April Kit - The Bunny Trail - will keep you hoppily busy right through April.
Today.... join Amira on a happy Easter Egg Hunt!........

Dear Crafters,

Easter is my favourite time!!

I allow myself certain luxuries!
Ferrero Rochers....
Hot Cross Buns from Brumbies with Nutella in them...
Nutella on white bread....


Now back to crafting *lol*

I have ALWAYS wanted to make myself an egg carton project and this year was the year to do it!

For this project you will need:

*said egg carton (preferably empty)
*crackle medium (which I've had in my cupboard for AGES)
* 2 colors - one light, one dark
I chose colony blue and although the picture here shows gold, I decided against it and went with a flesh tone instead

Step 1: Add the dark color first

Be prepared to spend ages here!
The material that cartons are made of is highly absorbent and it just sucked the paint right up so if you wanted to use up a lot of paint, here is your chance.
There are also many crevices which cover a large surface area so I'm just saying- make sure you have plenty of paint and time.

Step 2: When this has dried, add crackle paint.

Yes, I made 2 (you know me so well).
Leave to dry (preferably over night).

Step 3: Add the lighter color

As soon as you apply the color and it starts to dry, you will know if your crackle application was successful. 

I love this stage.

Step 4: Add one layer of pleasing tissue paper

I umm'ed and arrived as to whether to leave the crackle nude or not but in the end, adding this texture felt right for me so I went with it.
I also love the design.

Make sure you peel those under layers off (there are usually 3).

I applied it with Mod Podge.
PVA glue would be too thick.

I love how the crackle shows through the tissue paper pattern.

I then grabbed the leaf ribbon by Santoro which also came in the April kit and wrapped it around the egg carton and I just LOVE how it turned out!

Because it was an egg carton after all, I did use the embellishment from the Echo Park pack that says "Eggs".

I grabbed another embellishment that said "happy" and that is how the title of this project came about! 

I love how this story unfolds. 

I live for these moments.

Happy Egg Hunt :)

I know! 
Total geek and book nerd!
Thank you :)

Step 5: Preparing the eggs

Don't throw away those other layers of tissue paper, I stamped on them using the Sizzix stamp set from the April Kit!
I coloured them in using my little Tim Holtz Distress Inks.

I picked up some foam easter eggs from the dollar store.

And experimented with painting them.

Not sure that I like them painted with the stamped tissue paper.
They do look better without.

 Have a play.
See what YOU like.

Step 6: Decorating the inside of the egg carton

I didn't have paper shredding so I shredded up some of my own with a personal office shredder.

Yes- it did hurt to shred pretty Echo Paper paper. But that spotty paper looks GOOD here!
I rolled them up to fit each spot snugly.

Now for more pretty Echo Park Paper!

Seriously, this paper SCREAMS to be fussy cut!
You must hear it too?

 I played around with configuration ...

Until I felt it was right!

 Step 7: Decorating the inner lid

After all this fancy decorating on the outside and the inside of the egg carton, I felt the inner lid was lacking. I struggled as to which of the papers to use but ultimately decided on this adorable one with bunnies. The Easter Bunny does after all bring the eggs right ?

I wrapped more of the leaf ribbon along the inside.
Added tulle and more shreddings...

Hmmmmm still wasn't pleased with it!
I thought of what a REAL bird's next looked like?
Those things are jam packed with anything and everything!
I needed to add more.
So I did!

I added lace, feathers 

... and flowers :)

Now I was content!

Now for the props :) 

And here is the BIG REVEAL!!

Hoppy Easter everyone :)

If you want to watch the whole process of how I made this, find the tutorial here.

Until next time, hoppy crafting ;)


  1. Amira this is just so cute and yummy, so many creative elements to this project. Love it!

  2. Love Love this kit and this project is just so CUTE. xx


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