Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Let them Eat Cake: Amira's Yummy Embellishments

Hello Crafty Friends!

Well I keep saying that our May Kit is soooo yummy... but today Amira takes the yumminess  to a whole new level by creating her own super scrumptious embellishments.
Enjoy! I'm off to the donut shop.......

I love embellishments!
I love buying them and I especially love reproducing what I buy.
So when I got THIS gorgeous package of shape sprinkles, I was in love in more ways than one.

I knew I had to try to make some of my very own YUMMY embellishments.

I started with the cakes, and to do that I used this beautiful DIE which came in the May kit:

I had such a fun time layering and making these embellishments.
I used Nuvo's Crystal Drops to make these because I LOVE the dimensional effect they produce and the color range is brilliant. 

Added extras from my stash: Pearls from Kaisercraft

Extras include flowers punched with a tiny punch and blue pearls from Kaisercraft.

Seriously, I could have sat all day making 100 mini cakes. 
It is such a therapeutic process for me.

From here, I ventured on to making DONUTS!! Or do you spell it DOUGHNUTS?
I'll leave you to do more research HERE

I started off with 2 styles of circle punches: one scalloped and one circle. 
One measures 1.25" and the other 1". 
Each donut will require one of each.

From there, I applied 3D foam dots to the back of the scalloped circle.

I then stuck the scalloped circle on top of the circle.

I then used my crop-o-dile to punch a hole in the centre of the donut.

And then widened that circle a little bit more.

From there, I gathered my many coloured mediums.

I LOVED how the donut turned out with 3D fabric paint.

The swirl pattern was very addictive to make.

I then added this classic donut drizzle pattern using my white Nuvo crystal drops.

How yummy is that!

Next design: I coated the donut with pink Nuvo crystal drops and added on some pink iridescent heart shaped sprinkles!
Doesn't that look JUST LIKE the donut embellishment?


You can go CRAZY with ANY sprinkles you have.
Here I tried it with the blue stars.

And you can experiment with any color Nuvo to produce many yummy donuts.

From left to right we have:
Blueberry Bonanza
Peppermint Palooza (Hi Lolly)
Cherry Cheesecake
Strawberry Surprise

(Yes, SO cheesy! I know).

I love this one!
Plain white icing with sprinkles.
Don't you just feel like a donut right now?

I also pulled out my distress inks and my glitter paints to see if I could make donuts if I didn't have the Nuvo drops.

Yes you can (you can do anything really) but in this side by side comparison, you can see the "ooze" or the dimension that the Crystal drops give you to simulate that coating on top.

I used glitter here to simulate sprinkles

I also added a ring of clear Crystal Drops on both to add even more dimension. 

Here is another example.
Here I added heart and star shaped sprinkles on top of the glitter paint before I added the ring of clear "glazing"
I used Glossy Accents here to substitute for the Clear Crystal Drops

For the next 2 donuts, I used 2 circles separated by 3D foam dots in case you didn't have a scalloped circle. That works too :)

This one is Heavenly Cloud :)

Caribbean Breeze

Now I'm going to torture you with some pics of donuts.
Don't worry.
You won't put on ANY weight looking at them (although what you do afterwards can NOT be blamed on me)

Lemony Spiffets
In Your Diet Dreams
Born in a Blue Lagoon

The Ugly Duckling

Loch Ness?

Hearts and Pea Soup

FussyCut Wanna Be.

Lavender and Cardio

Dizzy Diet

Stars and Sprinkles

And here are some examples of how I used these donuts on cards :)

Thank you so much for stopping by.
I did film a video tutorial on how I made these donuts.
You can find it HERE.


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