Friday, May 5, 2017

TEAM AMIRA'S: Mixed Media Scrapbooking Canvas Tutorial

Ready to get started and create your NSD 2017 Mixed Media Scrapbooking Canvas?
Here is Amira to walk us through the process......

Its National Scrapbooking Day 2017 and here at Aunty Vera Land - we are celebrating memory keeping all month long with a challenge. Each creative deisgn team member will be bringing you a challenge and by entering, you will be able to go in to a draw to win a prize. Here is my challenge for TEAM AMIRA. Mixed Media Canvas Scrapbooking. Check it out for more information on terms and how to win. Good luck everyone!!

I started off with canvas that had already been primed with gesso.
Gesso is really important because we will be using water and you don't want it to soak up and become a wet mess. 

Gesso allows you to work the colors together instead of them being absorbed into the paper before they have had a chance to mix.

Step 1: Choose your pictures and roughly lay them out how you would like them to be.

From the pictures, choose your color palette.

I chose blue, purple and green.

Step 2: Apply the first color of acrylic paint to the side of your mat and spray generously with water. Transfer the water to your canvas and allow the color to spread in it's own magical way.
Dry completely.

Step 3: Flip canvas 180 degrees and repeat with a second color. Watch how the colors lay over one another so beautifully.

Dry completely.

You will notice that your mat is now pretty drippy and messy.
I flipped the dry canvas on top of the drips and picked up some droplets.

Dry once again with your heat gun.

Step 4: Add your third color much the same way. Panning it around the canvas and allowing it to layer on top of the previous 2 colors.
Dry with your heat tool.

Step 5: Apply strips of washi. Once again, I chose colors by referring to the pictures I was using.

Step 6: Apply a thin layer of gel medium over the washi (so that it doesn't ever curl).

Step 7: Apply texture paste through a stencil

Make sure it layers over the washi for a lovely layered effect.

Step 8: Put some die-cuts on the canvas and stick them down with gel medium using a palette knife. 

As you apply the gel medium, make 'waves' so as to leave texture behind on the canvas.

Step 9: 'Tap out' the die-cuts with gesso and a dry brush.

Step 10: Apply spray ink (using similar colors as those your chosen acrylic paints) over the gesso-ed die-cuts.

Allow them to become trapped in the texture created by both the die-cuts and the gel medium.

Love the random-ness of spray inks :)

Step 11- Apply gold spray ink (Heidi Swapp Shine) to the top right and bottom left corners. I also applied a perfect pearl spray over the stencilled chevrons giving them a lovely shine.

Step 12 - Place your pictures on your mixed media background.

Step 13- Select appropriate embellishments to complete your layout.

I tried a few things but ended up taking them out because they detracted from the mixed media feel of the piece.

For example, I found some hessian which I HAD to incorporate specifically UNDER the already stuck down 'holiday' sentiment. So I ended up pulling that sentiment off to please the need within. Love how it turned out (but what a pain).

Also love how I incorporated this hexagon die-cut into the piece.
I applied it down with gel medium and then poured clear sequins and stars in all around it. 
Looks super magical.

I decided to dab it with some Inka Gold and LOVE how it turned out.

Also, love the wood butterfly with the hibiscus flower and that GREAT sentiment in this corner.

I brushed on some more Inka Gold onto the hessian and it turned out pretty amazing I must say.

This right corner is also one of my favourites.
Love the die-cut in the canvas playing off the same die-cut under the 'love' wood  and the chevron texture underneath that whole piece.
All these layers really make the whole piece so interesting.

And here is the finished piece. I love how you can still see the washi from the original layer.

I did manage to film this whole process, you can find it here

I hope I have inspired you to give mixed media scrapbooking a go!!

Go Team Amira!!!


P.S. I forgot to mention that I did spray a coat of matte fixative over the entire piece to protect the pictures from fading due to sun-light exposure.

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