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For the LOLs - Oxides VS Plain Distress: Amira's Ink Battle and OMG Cards

Hello Crafty Friends

Well, when I included one of the new Distress Oxide ink pads in the July kit I expected Amira would take it into her craft laboratory and put it to the test. And I wasn't wrong!
Join Amira as she compares Oxides with regular Distress.... and then creates some fabulous cards! 

Hello Crafters,

Today I bring you into my world of experiments and play.
Every time I get a new craft tool or supply, the first thing I do is play with it and compare it to something else I have to see how it is different.

In this case, I grabbed the Distress Oxide from the July Kit and wanted to compare it to the Distress Ink from my collection.

Furthermore, I wanted to see how these 2 products performed on 3 different types of mediums: water colour paper, kraft card stock and black card stock.

The method of application I used was to smooch the ink pad on my Ken Oliver mat (best mat in the world!) and then spray with a water bottle and dip the paper.

Experiment #1 - Oxide Vs Ink on white water color paper

The end results were fairly comparable. I did have to add more and more ink and dry between applications to achieve a darker yellow color but other than that, you can achieve a similar look with the Ink if you don't have the Oxide.

The ink is much lighter but if you dry in between applications you can get darker areas as long as you don't use too much water.

The distress oxide goes on dark. It is a thicker, more opaque formula so it's strong from the first application. It also "oxides" as it dries after you have mixed it with water so this is a unique feature to  Oxides alone that you will not get with the Inks.

After round one, the score is 
Oxide: 1
Ink: 1

 Experiment #2 - Oxide Vs Ink on black card stock

This was the BIGGEST test you could do to differentiate between the Oxides and Inks.
Below you see the end result. 
The Oxide SHINES through the black paper and works a treat! 
I can't wait to make black card fronts with oxides!!
It does dry a little milky white at first, but as you add more layers, the yellow color starts to hold.

The Ink has no effect :(
It looks like you haven't added anything to it.
The black color of the card stock masks any color of ink you add.
Sorry Inky, you failed this round *insert crying emoji here*

After round two, the score is 
Oxide: 2
Ink: 1

Experiment #3 - Oxide Vs Ink on kraft card stock 

This was the next big test for the two distant cousins: seeing how they work on kraft card stock.
I was a bit worried that perhaps the color of the kraft was too close to the color of the yellow.
I started off using the "smooch" technique but then changed to direct application from ink pad to paper and you can see how the pigment sits on top of the paper with the Oxide.

As for the Ink, it just gets absorbed by the kraft card stock and looks like it's been stained or has been moistened with water. It doesn't look like you have added a yellow color at all. I'm sure if you were to use a different color ink on kraft card stock,  that color would show up but this experiment shows you can not use same color INK on same color paper. If you wanted to do that, you best go with Oxides.

After round three, the score is 
Oxide: 3
Ink: 1

This match is over and I declare OXIDES to be my new favourite crafting supply.
Can't wait for the next set of colors to arrive.

Did you see the picture they realeased when they announced the next set of colors!!

I've got my pre-order in!!
Aunty Vera has got them on order and she's doing a special. The set of 12 new colours for $83.50... that's a saving of 20%
We LUV our Aunty Vera.
She takes good care of us!!

Next, I was intrigued by this doodle stamp by Bo Bunny and stamped out each one in the set to see how they look on my previous card fronts.

This stamp especially intrigues me!

I thought at first that it was all individual little stamps but then I realised it was one big one.
I cut the stamp up into individual pieces and now I can make 10 borders of each design on my art journal pages!! I cant wait.

I started making this ABSTRACT card using the black card front as a background but I haven't gotten back to it.
Need to put my abstract hat on I think.
I'm not sure if it needs a sentiment or a focal image.
Still thinking on that one.

So after all that play, it is time to make some cards.

Card 1-  Hello Love Shaker Card

I used my circular nested dies and made this awesome shaker card. 
That yellow on black emoji paper is very attractive!!

I love the addition of the Puffie Stickers in the July Kit in the open window.
Looks like we have got all the hearts eyes for pizza, burgers and fries!!

Card 2-  Friends Forever

For this card, a simple tearing of my left over scraps from my favourite paper and addition to the corners on the yellow oxide card front started this card off so easily.
Next, I searched through more scraps from my previous project and found some emoji's from the "YAY" 12" x 12" paper and fussy cut them out.
I debated whether or not to even put a sentiment but I did in the end, but I'll let you decide whether or not the sentiment was needed to finish off the card.

Card 3 -  SMILE

Seriously in love with this one!

I recently purchased this Tim Holtz stamp set "Hipster" so that I could make more masculine, humorous cards and this one just tickles me. 
Especially with the addition of the sentiment.
Here, I stamped the image straight onto the inked card front then I coloured him in simply.
Next I circle die-cut the face and popped him up on 3D foam tape.
I then added a frame from the Pebbles Frame pack from the July Kit and just by framing the image, it looks like he is the editor of a magazine and he needs a holiday!!
Either that, or its a "WANT AD".
I rummaged through my sentiment dies and found this die cut by Kaisercraft called Block Words.
Smile for the camera!
The sentiment completes the whole feel of the card perfectly for me.

Card 4 -  Seriously! Yes! YAY!

Another card that cracks me up.

This is something I say when my husband is sick of my cooking. 

He says: Do you want to go out for dinner?
I say: Seriously?
*thinking*- YAY- I don't have to cook.


The combination of the Hipster stamp and the colors from the Emoji Paper are such a winning team!
These 5 guys from the stamp set really tickle me while I'm crafting which just makes for a great day spent in my art room.

Once again, the "man chick" is stamped right onto the card front and coloured in with Prima water colors.
The sentiments are fussy cut from the 12"x12" "2 Cool" from the Emoji Love Paper Collection by Simple Stories which came with the July Kit.

So there you have it.
A day of experimenting, playing and card making in my craft room.

I'd call that a good day wouldn't you?

I do have a process video on my YT channel, you can find it HERE

Get your craft on girls!!

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  1. Great testing in the lab Amira. A lot to take in so I have put on my page to refer to. Thanks for taking the guess work out of oxide inks. Can't wait to give it a go, with my pistachio. :)


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