Wednesday, April 15, 2015

CRAZY CRAFT IDEAS - April Edition - Fabric Paint and Embossing Powder.

Hi Everyone,

We often get some strange questions and some even stranger ideas regarding how to use craft products and the answer is- who really knows? Well, Aunty Vera does and she has a team who are willing to take out the arsenal to prove or debunk the craft world mystery.

This week, a lovely customer asked us this question:

Dear Aunty Vera,

Can I use embossing powder (specifically Lindy's Stamp Gang) with fabric paint?

We put this question to our experts in the lab:

And they kindly agreed to do a test run for us.

The Hypothesis:

What do you get when you add:

together with this??

What do you think of this idea? A good one? A bad one? Lets just see what our experts thought of it. 

Note how the fabric paint is thick and puffy and shiny before the addition of any embossing powder.

Now note how the embossing powder looks granular on top of the fabric paint (you have to add it while the paint is wet so it sticks evenly).

Then heat emboss - any tool will do!




See how the embossing gives it a nice, glossy, shiny appearance !!

And really enhances the naturally occurring glitter in the fabric paint I used.

The key, I think, is to experiment with the thickness of the fabric paint that you use (I used quite a thick layer here for maximum effect but if you did a thinner layer it would look amazing too). Also, when heat embossing, keep moving that heat tool around and don't stop on one area too long because fabric paint is, after all, made of acrylic and it will blister and bubble if you overheat it so exercise caution and speed here.

I do hope you will give it a go and perhaps add fabric paint to your arty adventures. 

We would love it if you could comment below and tell us if you have had success/troubles with heat embossing fabric paint. Also, let us know if you would like us to test out any "crazy craft ideas".

Until we meet again- Aunty Vera, Beaker and Dr Bunsen bid you adieu.

Happy Crafting.

PS. A safety note: Please be aware that I used the fabric paint on card stock and heat embossed it. If you choose to apply the fabric paint to fabric, please ensure that the fabric is heat resistant before you heat emboss it. Otherwise, it is most likely that your fabric will catch fire!

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