Friday, May 29, 2015

CRAZY CRAFT IDEAS - May Edition - Die-Cutting.

Hi Crafty Bloggers! It's time we had some fun with Crazy Craft Ideas. This month, Amira in our R&D Department has been super busy playing with her Big Shot. So - though not really crazy - we thought this was a great opportunity to see what the Big Shot really can do. Amira threw all sorts of materials at it - and this is what she found...........

Hi everyone and thank you so much for joining me for another post where we talk about crazy ideas and what we can do in our in art and craft adventures!!

I must say that the best investment I ever made was buying this machine. For those of you not familiar with it, it's called the Sizzix Big Shot. 

Grab a die, any die, and some paper, roll it through and you get some amazing die-cuts!! Sometimes I sit in front of the T.V. and die-cut spare paper and end up with a whole heap of embellishments ready for my next project.

We all know that you can die-cut paper and card-stock, but what else can you die-cut?
I'm so glad you asked that question. I gathered up some materials to see if they could go through the Big Shot and I must say I was very pleased with the results.

I pulled out this butterfly die set from Spellbinders and started my experiment:

1- Double Sided good quality Pattern Paper

This is what you expect the die-cut to look like. One of the butterflies is intricate while the other one is not.

2. Mulberry Paper

I love the crumpled up pattern on the wings!! 

Looks great! Plus, it is still able to get the intricate cutting with that die.

3- Self-Adhesive Glimmer Craft Paper

This stuff is heavy duty (I could almost lino my house with it).

And they die-cut like a charm!! No need to add tape- BONUS!

4- Textured Fabric Paper

This stuff is AWESOME. I use it when I am book-binding to make my journals look store-bought!

They die-cut a treat and the texture is super fabulous!!

5- Vellum

I've had this snake pattern vellum in my stash for YEARS. Never knew what to do with it. Look what lovely butterflies it makes!!

6- Gold Corrugated Paper

Another thing I had in my stash for ages.

Although it squashes down a bit, it still comes out looking good.

7- Aluminum Foil

I know what you are thinking...NO- the aliens are not coming to take my brains. Just bare with me!

These also cut perfectly (note to self: iron the aluminum foil next time).

8- Baking Paper

While we are on the issue of the kitchen, I thought I'd try out some baking paper.

And it die-cuts lovely thin intricate butterflies. These would look lovely on a soft feminine layout and as a layering feature

9- Glitter Paper

Of course, I couldn't do an experiment without including glitter paper. 

Remember to die-cut these placing the die down on the back so as not to gauge out the glitter.

And PRESTO! Perfect glittery butterflies!!

10- Craft Foam
 I got a whole heap of these from my local Riot store.

And look how lovely they die-cut!!

Although, it doesn't cut the intricate butterfly pattern, it does emboss it.

11- Felt

I bought this cute felt for easy sewing projects and wondered if they could be die-cut.

Yes they can!!

Look at all my butterflies!!!

Now I don't need to go out and buy butterfly embellishments. I can make my own!! And that goes for anything you might love...hearts, arrows! You name it. If you can get the die, then you will have unlimited embellishments in all different types of colours and textures. 

Now that's what I call crafty!!

12- Bottle Caps

Yup! You read correctly folks. You can make your own bottle cap charms instead of paying a fortune over the net for them. I went to my local home brewing section of Coles. 

Grabbed a bag of bottle caps (100 for $2.99) and then put them through my Big Shot.

This is what they look like before they go into the Big Shot.

This is what they look like when you put them in the Big Shot the WRONG WAY !!

And this is what they look like when you put them in the Big Shot the RIGHT way !!

I even made a short video to show you (excuse the common household news all around me).


I then used my 1" circle punch.

I used matt Mod Podge to both glue and seal. 
I then used Dimensional Magic to give it that extra WOW.

When you first apply this stuff, it looks cloudy. You have to give it at least 3 hrs, if not over night. And then, VIOLA!!

Aren't they charming??

So, the next time, you think "I wonder if I can do this" 

Just remember....

Until the next time, take care and happy crafting


  1. Thanks for this great informative tutorial. I liked the video, as I got to hear you. :)

  2. Awesome work Amira! Given me a few ideas to try. Love getting to hear your voice :)


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