Monday, January 11, 2016

ButterFly Flip Card using KaiserCrafts Fairy Dust Collection

Hello Crafty Bloggers

It's always such fun looking ahead during CHA Show time, to all the great new goodies that are about to be released. But let's not forget all the lovely crafty bits we have in our Stashes!
Today, Team Designer Amira creates some gorgeous cards with some of last year's Kaisercraft releases............

Dear Reader,

I was intrigued when Kaisercraft released their new line of card creation decorative die sets and I wanted to give them a try so I ordered the Butterfly flip card die-set.

This is what it looks like..

Love the new packaging.

To begin, I used a normal 4" x 6" white card, scored at 2" and then folded it to create this easel card.

Next, I matted the inside of the card with this pretty patterned paper from the 6.5" x 6.5" Fairy Dust Paper Pad collection.

Next, I matted the 2 top panels with different but complimentary designs.

 Next, I placed the half butterfly die on the fold of the card. This will cut into the top part of the paper where the wings are, but will not cut below the score line.

Next, place the half circle die on the bottom part of the card and die-cut. This makes the stopper so the card can sit pretty (I forgot to take a picture at this stage but here is the end result).

Your easel card it done- it's as simple at that!

Next step- embellish!

The die-set comes with a full butterfly die which you can layer onto of the half die to make it 3-D.
Here is how I decorated the top half of the card.

I used the other butterflies from the die-cut embellishment pack.

That butterflies needs a few accents..

I used pearl flourishes by Kaisercraft here just to add interest to the butterfly.

Do you see how the card is held up by the stopper?

I used a cut-apart from the paper pack to disguise the semi-circle.

 For the bottom layer of the card, this is how I chose to embellish it.

I placed a white plain decorative label at the top so I could address the card to a recipient there.

This is what the card looks like from a side view.

You can see how the stopper mechanism works here clearly.

So here is card 1 once again...

Notice how card 1 did not have a single fairy. I did this on purpose so you can see the versatility of the collection.
Card 2 showcases just a hint of fairy.

Here is the top part of the easel card...

For this card, I added the "special moments" die-cut as an area where I could write a message to the recipient of the card.

And here, I added a butterfly die-cut from the embellishment pack instead of die-cutting my own.

 And this is how the base of the easel is decorated.

One lonesome fairy all by herself, attracted to the shine given off by the row of diamonds.


She looks like she got caught in the act, doesn't she?

 So here is easel card 2.

 I glued down the big purple butterfly to the stopper. In real life, this butterfly looks like it's taking off. 

For card 3, I wanted to see if I could use the butterfly flip die to on a vertical standing up card.
So I stood it up and matted it like this:

Love how the butterfly wings poke out of the side of the card.

Here it is from the back.

I die-cut a plain label out of white card stock and placed it here so I could write my sentiment.

Here is the inside of the card...

I used one of the cut-aparts from the 12"x12" paper to matt the inside of the card.

Then I added a sticker from the sticker sheet along the bottom.
Very appropriate.

Here they all are...

And here they are again with some fairy magic...

Thank you so much for joining me.
Which card did you like the most?


Thank you Amira! I love them all.... but the "little bit of fairy" is probably my number one favourite - yes, she DOES look a little bit "busted"!!

Aunty Vera :)


  1. Beautiful cards Amira this collection I came upon far to late to get any of the fairy pages....


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