Thursday, November 3, 2016

Amira's Card Marathon - Fabulous Collection by Authentique

Hello Crafty Friends! November has snuck up on me. You too? I feel like the year has just flown by. We need to chill out and relax.... that should make time slow down a bit, cause we're just too busy these days aren't we?! So let's take a step back to a time when everything was slower.... simpler..... and FABULOUS!

Today Amira plays with Authentique's 'Fabulous' collection, creating some absolutely gorgeous cards! Make sure you scroll down all the way to the end of the cards - we've linked to Amira's Youtube channel and her How-To video to inspire you. Ten cards - each with a different style - all from the one collection, With a couple of extras at the end. Seriously - scroll all the way down!!


Card #1: Patterned Paper Inspired


Card # 2- Quote Inspired


 Card #3: Collage Paper Inspired


Card #4: Co-ordinating Paper and Life Card Inspired


Card #5: Co-ordinating Paper and Life Card Inspired

Card #6: Paper and Cut-Apart Inspired


Card #7: Life Card Inspired


Card #8: Cut Apart Inspired

Behind the tracing paper on the front of the card

Inside the card

Card #9- Stickers & Collage Paper Inspired 

Inside the card

Card #10- Prima Inspired

Inside the card:

Bonus #1- Cherry Paper Dress on Megan :)

 Bonus #2- Cherry Paper #2 Dress on Prima with the gypsy dress :)

Gorgeous, yes? Now watch the VIDEO HERE!

Thank you Amira! I reckon you've got everyone in card making mode now. I know I'm there!
xx Aunty Vera :) 


  1. I love how you labelled it the 50's!! Would have LOVED living in the 50's!! Fabulous daaaarling :) xxA

  2. This collection is so beautiful. I love the 50s too! You've done an amazing job Amira. Love the way you've brought this collection to life xx

  3. What an awesome collection of cards, they are just gorgeous! Love the 50's paper, right up my alley!! You certainly have been very busy and oh so creative!


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