Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Oops I Did It Again! .... when craft goes wrong: Amira says Never Give Up

Hello Crafty Friends!

It happens to all of us - art that goes wrong! But Amira says "never give up" because there is always a fix...... or a place to hide it.(lol)......

Dearest Reader,
Henri Matisse once said "Creativity takes Courage" and I agree with him whole-heartedly.
Art usually happens in stages.

Sometimes, you don't know what you are doing when you first start out and you happily play along with how your inner child feels until you get to a stage where you think "What am I doing??" At this point in time, I usually just keep on going! Courage! Add more layers of paint, or spray or more embellishments in the hope that you soon see where this project takes you. Do you remember my New Year's project with the fireworks stencil!! There was a time there where all I could see was red spray looking very much like a blood bath and I thought to myself WHAT AM I DOING?? Check out my video here!

The next stage of art is when you clearly see a mistake in your work. At this stage, I pull out my good ol' friend- gesso! Gesso and courage to slap over what I've just been working at and start all over again. Do you remember this picture I posted on my FB page?

I was SO UNHAPPY with the left eye (her right eye).
I realised that the eyes weren't on the same level!
So I gesso'ed her eye off!
I drew a straight line and correctly placed her eye.

Another stage of art is when I watch a YT video and am totally inspired to reproduce that project. I quickly come to realise that I don't have half the stuff they are using and that it isn't working for me the way it's working for them and I feel frustrated! At this stage, once more, COURAGE is required to realise that you need to allow yourself permission to let your own style and direction dictate your art project. It is fine to be inspired by someone's style but I need to constantly remind myself that it is ok to go my own way and let me own style take over when I start not liking what I am making because I am following someone else's method.

And there is always the space under your bed!
When a project is SO BAD, you cant bear to go on, or it is beyond repair, just stick it under your bed and forget about it *lol*. Goodness knows how many projects gone wrong are now under my bed!
You don't believe me?
See for yourself.

You want to see what's in there?
Ok maybe just one....

This is supposed to be a row boat anchored on a beach but I just cant seem to get the perspective right and the shadow it is casting is all wrong!
I am waiting for a stage in time where I have gained enough skill to go back to this project.
Why did you make me open that dreaded portfolio?
That row boat haunted me for such a long time and now it returns to haunt some more.
Courage Amira, have courage.

I would love to hear some of your stories of projects gone wrong.

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  1. I have a box Amira, a BIG box that my oops projects go in lol, when I take them out a lot later and I am still not happy or cant change them, I salvage what I can and then bin them.. Believe me though I have had lots of oops lol, so can relate to your under the bed box lol.x


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