Saturday, May 20, 2017

Let Them Eat Cake: Amira's Paper Piecing Tutorial ~ Tea for Two.... or more!

Hello Crafty Friends and Happy Weekend!
I love the weekends..... time to relax, craft... and enjoy cups of tea!
Amira brings all these together today with her pretty tea cup paper piecing tutorial.

I love this stamp set!
Because I love tea!
And because I love porcelain tea cups and mugs and tea pots too!
But the minute I saw this stamp set, I thought I needed to do some paper tolling aka paper layering with that stack of tea cups.

I decided to use 2 of the patterned papers from Kaisercraft's High Tea Collection: Afternoon Tea and Tea Leaves.

I started off by cutting my patterned paper into 2.5"x 3" and then used my stamping tool to stamp off MANY images. I love the stamping tool, because whenever the print is not 100% crisp the first time, I can re-ink and be guaranteed that the second stamp will produce the win.

Here they both are:

After that, I grabbed my trusty scissors and I fussy cut the stack of tea cups 

I will only use Afternoon Tea as an example.
Next, you need to decide which tea cup will be the top most layer.
For this next one, I decided that the mug at the top of the stack will be the most protruding.

So in that case, your first layer will have all 5 tea cups.
Then you start by removing the bottom tea cup (and saucer) so that the second layer has the top 4 tea cups.
The third layer will then only have the top 3 tea cups.
The fourth layer will only have the top 2 tea cups.
And finally, the fifth layer leaves you with the top most tea cup in the stack.
Next, you need to apply 3D foam to the backs of each of your layers.
And then, align them and you have yourself a beautiful dimensional stack of tea cups.

Here it is from a different angle.

Now in order to have the tea cup and saucer be the most prominent layer, all you need to do is reverse how you cut it. One again start with the 5 teacups, but then your next layer will have the top most tea cup removed, next layer will have the top and second to the top removed etc, until you are left with the just the bottom tea cup and saucer.

You will get something that looks a little like this:

Here it is from a different angle:

You can also try playing with many other combinations. Here I only made a 2 layer stack alternating the 2 patterned papers and using 3D foam.

And here, I slit between 2 tea cups and inserted some twine and a label to make it look like the tea bag was still in one of the teacups.

I also used Dimensional Magic on a few tea  cups to see if I could give them a 'porcelain-like' effect.

Here is a card I made for my Mom for Mother's Day using the 3D stacked tea cups as a main feature.

Here is another I made :

You can watch my video tutorial HERE.

Thank you so much for stopping by.
Happy crafting.

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