Thursday, November 9, 2017

My Crafty Friends - Amira's Secret Envelope Box

Hello Crafty Friends and welcome to another fun crafty day!
Today our Crafty Friend Amira takes out her envelope stash..... well OF COURSE Amira has an envelope stash!!!! LOL...... and creates a gorgeous Secret Envelope Box!

Hello crafty friends,
I am SO in love with the papers in this month's November Kit that I knew my first project was going to be something shabby chic!

I came across this old tutorial (here) when my friend Martha
made a Halloween box out of envelopes and just knew the Julie Nutting papers would be perfect for this project.

I made a box out of stacked envelopes!
Read on....

I am also ALWAYS on the look out for things to do with envelopes!
Yes, I have an envelope overload problem!

Start off with 10 envelopes.

Take 2 and put them aside- we will use these later to make the lid.

You will also need cardboard.

Cut these so that you can fit them inside your envelope.

Stick them down so they don't wiggle around in there.

And glue the flap shut.

Take another card board piece (mine is 6" x 4 1/4") and cut a rectangle out of the middle coming in 1" from each side.

Now use this template to trace that rectangle on 7 of the 8 stuffed envelopes.

Next, cut out the inner rectangle on those 7 envelopes.

The 8th envelope will be left whole like this.
This is the base of your box.

Stack your envelopes nicely on the base.
I used both double sided sticky tape AND hot glue.
Make sure the inner rectangle is lined flush - don't worry so much about the outside lining up.
I think a stack of envelopes is never really piled perfectly on top of each other.

Looks like this from the side. 

Next we need to make a lining for the inner box.

I used this paper from the Julie Nutting "Paper Dolls" collection.

Cut out an 8"x8" piece, position the cardboard template centrally and draw a rectangle.
You will then need to mould this piece so that it lines the inside of your box.

Watch how I do that in the process video.
It takes a bit of time and some fancy snipping and burnishing.

You will end up with something that looks like this.

Dont worry- I know it looks like a bit of a mess right now.
Read on.

Now we need to cover this.
Grab one of the 2 envelopes we reserved earlier.

Decorate it with some patterned paper.
I used the same design as the liner for confluence.

Now place it over the stack- see how the edges of the liner from the previous step are protruding?

Chop them off!

On your decorated envelope, flip it over and using your cardboard template once more, draw a rectangle in the centre.

You then need to use your scalpel blade and a rule to cut an X formation.
Once again, watch how I do it in the process video.
But you will end up with something that looks like this.

On the reverse side, it looks like this.

Apply your double sided tape as shown below and put it aside for a moment.

With the final envelope you reserved aside, insert another cardboard piece and tape it down.

Grab another piece of patterned paper (mine measured  6" x 3") and insert it into the envelope so that it covers the cardboard. Score it flush with the flap and burnish.

Apply double sided tape and stick it to the envelope.

Cut off the excess envelope flap.

Now attached this envelope to the previous X envelope you just made (with double sided sticky tape).
It should look something like this.

 So now you have the stack of envelope base and the hinged lid (which is still blank).
I cut a different pattern from the Julie Nutting Paper Doll Collection which I will use to decorate the lid.

I LOVE this script pattern.
And it looks SO vintage inked with Soft Suede (SU ink). 

I also ran the Soft Suede ink pad along the edges of the entire envelope stack to make it look like the whole "box" was aged with time.

I used the stickers from the sticker page to decorate the lid.

I love the secret compartment!
You would never guess that this stack of envelopes actually has a secret box inside.

And finally, tied it up with this beautifully matching ribbon (which I also inked).

Just beautiful!
I love this box!
I have it sitting on my bedside table and every time I see it I just want to hold it in my hands and open and close that hinged lid.

Watch the process here

I hope you do give this one a try!
It's a beautiful piece you will be SO PROUD that you made.

Happy crafting,

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