Friday, January 26, 2018

Happy Australia Day 2018!

From all the Team here in Aunty Vera Land, we wish all our Aussie Friends (and our overseas Honorary Aussies) a very Happy Australia Day!

In the warehouse........ Scraption Man is celebrating with an Australia Day warehouse party with his mates (he's firing off a few fireworks hence the glare!.... someone call OH&S!!!!)......

Meanwhile Bill is planning on a relaxing day at the beach.... it doesn't get more Aussie than that!

And from our Team........

Happy Australia Day everyone!

This past weekend, we went to our favourite hiking spot- Bell's Rapids.

I couldn't think of a more fitting place to that reminds me of Aussie nature.

The colours all around me were an inspirational palette.
I could see art potential everywhere.

This place makes me happy!

Meanwhile, back at the office, the staff were holding the fort!

xx AmiraInOz

Happy Australia Day everyone.  I hope that you are all enjoying a fabulous day with family and friends in your favourite place in this spectacular country of ours.  I thought I would share with you just a few pictures of my favourite place in Australia.  This is where I grew up and still where my parents live in a place called Lamington (right near Lamington national park) in Queensland.  It so beautiful and I think its one of the most beautiful places in Australia.

Whatever you are doing and however you are with, enjoy your day.

xx Suzanne

Happy Australia Day to all our crafty friends, from me and everyone at Aunty Vera Scrap And Craft. And from my beautiful girls Emma Elizabeth and Isabella Rose, who made this poster, along with my craft room buddies, from (left) Bow, (top) Gerald, (right) Little Mouse.

xx Tina from Elizabeth Rose

I love my country and I love being an Australian.
Weather permitting, we will be having a barby and even a glass or two of bubbly.
My photos for this Australia Day represents family.
Now you try and get three little ones to sit, smile and wave a flag
at the same time. Nope never going to happen lol.. 

The sign actually said
'Happy Australia Day from all of us here with Nan'..
Be safe and enjoy everyone..

For me, Australia day has usually meant an excuse for a BBQ and a look around the local market day. For a long time I never really understood the celebration. But this year someone dear to me was nominated for Australian of the Year in our local community. And then it seemed to click. You see my town's pretty small, yet year after year Australian of the Year goes to someone I've never heard of. It's easy to disconnect with the festivities when you're not personally connected to them. But this person I know who's nominated is a wonderful man, and I can see that he does a lot for our little community. And that's what Australia Day's all about - celebrating the Aussie spirit of helping one another out, having a 'fair go' and living life the Aussie way. And what's more Aussie than BBQs and country markets? However you choose to celebrate your Australia Day I hope it's done in true Aussie style - whatever that means to you.

My monkey helper and I wish you a Happy Australia Day from our little planning corner. Stay out of the heat, have a couple of snags and enjoy your day!

xx Sarah xx

Happy Aussie Day from your Honorary Aussie Member (H.A.M.) and Ophelia. She's sporting her favorite accessories, made from Aunty Vera supplies, so she's ready for a big celebration!

Happy Australia Day from Casper and I 🇦🇺

However you spend the day, we all wish you a happy, safe and very Aussie day!
xx Aunty Vera & Team xx

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  1. Hand on heart, this post is the best thing that was ever posted to date! I am truly blessed to know every single beautiful crafty lady here and thank you for sharing your Australia with us all. You ladies ROCK!!!


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