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Love & Art - A beginner's tutorial to stamping ~ With Amira & Jillibean Soup's Love Bug Stamp Set

Hello Crafty Friends and Happy Valentine's Day!

Today Amira takes us on a beginner's stamping journey... totally brilliant if you're like me and just a little bit scared of stamps set!!
And as a special Valentine's treat, you could WIN one of Amira's cards! Simply comment below :)

Hello Crafty Friends,

Today I am focusing on this stamp set from Aunty Vera's February Kit.

It's the Love Bug clear stamp set by Jillibean Soup and Hampton Art.

I wanted to use this stamp to create a beginner's guide to stamping. I wanted to show you how I 'see' stamp sets when I make cards.

I hope by sharing with you my stamping experience, that you will be able to grab any stamp set and start creating cards easily.

This stamp set can be broken into 3 groups:

- Sentiments
- Main elements
- Filler elements

There are 4 sentiments in this stamp set:
- Don't worry, bye happy
- Love Bug
- Happy Bug Day
- Bugs and kisses

There are 5 main elements:
- The lady bug
- The butterfly
- The worm
- The bee
- The dragon fly

And there are 4 hearts of different sizes ( one of them is an outline only).

So lets make 5 cards, one for each of the main elements and I'll show you some techniques for making really simple but effective cards.

Card #1- Love Bug

 I started by stamping out 3 lady bugs.

In my mind, I wanted it to seem like the bug was travelling along the front of the card, so I used a black pen to draw a dotted line with a few whimsical swirls.

Next, I used one of the smaller stamps and with my red Memento Ink pad, I stamped little hearts following the bug trail.

Next, I used the same ink pad to color in the lady bugs.

Next I stamped the sentiment in the open space to the left of the card.

I then found some lady bug charms.
One I attached to the front of the card, the other to the inside of the card to create a bookmark which  the receiver of this card can detach and use for their own purpose.

And that is card one - simple use of elements and just one ink color.

Card #2- Happy Bug Day

This card uses the second insect which is the butterfly.
I repeated the imagery by stamping it out 3 times followed by the dotted lines.

I wanted to take this to the next level so I used a little heart to create a pattern around each butterfly using different colors for each one.

I then coloured in the butterfly with Twinkling H2Os from my stash.

The sentiment was stamped on card stock and backed up with a glitter foam piece to add some more sparkle.

I also found butterfly charms that fit really well on the front of the card.

Card #3- Bugs & Kisses

For this card, I stamped the worm 3 times, then added a heart at the front and end of the procession.

Next, I coloured them in very simply.

I stamped out the sentiment in black and then added 3 more little hearts in pink.

It then occurred to me that this trio of worms were going somewhere in particular and I glanced up at my washi rack and saw this washi that says 'life is a journey' and it seemed SO RIGHT for this worm trio.

I added the washi at the top.

And because the washi had some green in it, I went back and created a thin line of green to simulate grass under the worms and it seemed to complete the card perfectly.

Card #4- Don't worry, bee happy

Although this card looks complicated, it's really very simple.

I started off by stamping the bee over to one side of the card in black ink.

Next, I used the sentiment 'don't worry, bee happy' and I inked it up with a yellow ink pad and stamped it in a zig zag formation around the bee.

Next, I used my hexagon / honeycomb stamp to fill in the areas as you see above.
I then stamped the sentiment again on a separate piece of card using black ink and propped it up on the card panel with 3D foam tape.

I cut some of this floral yellow paper (from my stash) to fit the exact dimensions of the card front 4.25" X 5.5" ).

This card panel is a little shorter than my usual 4.0"x5.25. 
You will find out why in the process video (yes, another oops).

So to make up for the gap, I added some black polka dot washi which actually made my panel pop even more against the floral background.

This is one of my favs!

Card 5- Dragonfly

This last card is another way to make a simple card!!

Here, I stamped the dragon fly and coloured her in very simply (notice how some insects are coloured in and some are left black and white- these are subtle techniques that you can experiment with to draw your viewer's eye to certain elements on your card).

Next, I stamped the sentiment and under that, I attached a cluster of washi in various colors, designs and widths.

This is a great way to use that washi you have been hoarding, extra scraps of paper or branding strips!!

It's as simple as that!

I chose to put a white panel on a white card front but you can see how adding pattern paper or different color card can make a huge difference.

Play and experiment!!

Watch my process video HERE

Now that you know how to 'look' at a stamp set, go and pull out one of yours and have a play!

Thank you so much for visiting, reading and commenting.



As a Valentine special to all my subscribers and followers, I will be doing a random draw from the comments below and I will be sending out one of these cards. 
Good luck and thank you for commenting.



  1. I love all five of these cards. I looked at that stamp set too as it is so cute. I do have quite a few stamp sets that are not used enough, so I might get them out to play. Thanks for sharing and I will also go and watch the video later.

  2. Beautiful and cute card collection Amira, great display & use of a stamp set .
    My favourite is the Dragonfly card ..!
    Thank you for sharing..!
    Hugs Rose

  3. Such cute buggy cards! Love the lady bug card, so stinkin’ cute!!

  4. Great cards Amira. Those bugs are just too cute. Xo��

  5. Great cards Amira. Those bugs are just too cute. Xo��

  6. Brilliant cards, simple but so effective and you have a wonderful way of explain your process.. Do admire your work Amira. x


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