Tuesday, August 7, 2018

We Can Be Heroes - Amira's Marvel Super Hero Comic Wallet #1

Hello Crafty Friends!
Super Hero cape..... check!
Mask to cover your 1/5 of your face to protect your identity (lol)....... check!
But don't forget your wallet!!! Every super hero needs a super wallet to hold all their important super stuff. Join Amira for the first of 2 tutorials to get your super hero life totally organised :)

Hi everyone,

Welcome to SuperHero month this August at Aunty Vera Scrap and Craft !!
I'm kicking things off here using the amazing Marvel Comics Page Kit

Perfect papers for any super hero project!

As soon as I saw these papers, I knew I wanted to make a wallet.

You see, my son bought a Marvel superhero wallet a few years back and I decided to try to make one out of these papers!!

 Firstly, you must decide the outside design of your wallet.
I chose this paper because the bottom right hand side of the wallet will be the design seen when the wallet is folded up.

Cut 2 panels to serve as the base of your wallet.
- 4" x 9"

Next I added clear packing tape to strengthen this paper wallet.
You can choose to use clear contact or laminate.
Try to keep your clear packing tape as smooth and as free as possible from creases and bubbles (easier said than done right!)

Next I cut 2 strips to serve as side hinges of the pocket
- 1" x 4"
Score @ 0.5"

Check out that lady's blue nails!!! Did she really just put them on to make this tutorial? Sadly, yes!

Next I cut 1 strip to serve as the bottom hinge of the pocket
- 1" x 9"
Score @ 0.5"

I attached the hinges onto the panels with both double sided tape and PVA glue.

Assemble these to make 1 pocket.

I also chose to line my wallet.
For this I cut 2 more panels just shy of 9" x 4" (you will have to sliver off 1/8th at a time to make it fit snugly). I used a glue stick to adhere and burnished really well with my bone folder)

Next score the wallet in half @4.25"

Looking good!!

Lets move onto inner pockets!

The right and left pocket will both be :
- 4.5" W (score @ 4") x 5" H ( score @ 0.5" and 4.5")
These pockets open towards the centre of the wallet facing each other.

Once again, I added clear packing tape to sturdy up my pocket.

I then added double sided tape to the hinges ...

as well as PVA glue.

I attached the pockets matching the corners and holding them down with bull dog clips until the glue set.

Repeat for the other side.

Note: the paper on the left side will not show as there will be a second pocket on top of it and card holders as well. But if you were to stop at this stage, make sure you use your pretty themed paper.

Add a second pocket on top of left pocket.

This measures:
-  4" W (score @ 0.5" ) x 5"H ( score @ 0.5" and 4.5")

Apply double sided tape to the hinges and adhere with PVA glue.
Hold with bull dog clips until the glue sets.

See what I mean about the design not showing for the first pocket made?

Next it's time to make card holders which will go on the left side.

I used a credit card as an example and cut 3 card holder panels to the same size:

- 4.5" W (score @ 0.5"and 4") x 3" H ( score @ 0.5")

(These are updated measurements since the original tutorial )

Next add clear packing tape to all 3 card holders.

Add double sided tape and PVA to the hinges and attach.

Here I am showing you I also used packing tape to wrap the card holders around the inside of the pocket- extra strength!

Next, I used that AWESOME Marvel Washi to add decoration to the tops of the card holders.
(I also used double sided tape to stick them down)

Awesome yellow Marvel Washi

Awesome black Marvel washi

And here is the final wallet on the inside !!

Functional pocket on the right!

See for yourself.

Two functional pockets on the left. Pocket #1 ..

And pocket #2....

Three card holders for your secret Alter Ego Super Hero Identities :)

And finally this is what the outside of the wallet looks like.

Check out my process video HERE

I couldn't resist using some filters to create these great comic scenes!!

If you enjoyed this tutorial and want to see another style of wallet, stay tuned to tutorial #2 to see a second style.

Thank you so much for joining me today everyone and I hope you are feeling super hero inspired!!!


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  1. Wow, this is a brilliant idea.. love this Amira, what a fantastic idea and so well thought out.. Any kid would love this for sure. x


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