Monday, February 2, 2015

Prima Marketing Watercolor Pencils and Watercolor Brush Pens

I'm in love!!

Prima Marketing revealed so many great new products at CHA 2015 but this has to be my absolute favourite - Watercolor Pencils (in six different color-themed sets) and Watercolor Brush Pens.

The Watercolor Pencils are fabulous for coloring your stamps. The beautiful pigment colors cover every theme under the sun! There's even a Julie Nutting skin and hair tones set - just perfect for your Julie Nutting Doll Stamps!

Check out the different sets available......

And for blending your watercolor pencil colors? Watercolor Brush Pens of course!!
Simply add water to the brush and blend your colored areas for a perfectly blended watercolor effect...

Did I mention that I'm in love?

Prima Marketing Watercolor Pencils and Watercolor Brush Pens are expected to arrive in Aunty Vera Land mid to late February.

Can't wait!!

Aunty Vera :)


  1. Looks great! I need to work on my watercolour technique!!

    1. I haven't used watercolour pencils in like......20 years! Can't wait to start playing again :)

  2. The sets look amazing! Can't wait to see them in stock.

  3. Me too Cathy. Looking like we might have them in stock by around mid February :)


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