Monday, November 12, 2018

Amira's DIY Australian Pocket Travelers' Notebook ~ Part 5 ~ Pocket Folder

G'day Crafty Mates!
Today Amira creates a little pocket folder to add to your Aussie TN.... and oh my goodness it is soooo gorgeous!!

Hi everyone,

Today I'm back with a tutorial on how I made a folder for my Pocket TN.

I started off with Kraft card stock that measured 7" W x  5"H (score @ 3.5")
I have 2 more pieces of card stock that measure 3.25"W x 5" H

For the 2 smaller pieces, I scored 0.25" along the  outer edges and 00.25" from the bottom as indicated below by the white tape.

Next, (for the left piece) I measured 1" from the left upper corner 

and 1" up from the bottom right corner

I connected these with a dotted line for your understanding, but this is where you need to cut.

Here is what the opposite side looks like (mirror image)

And here is what they look like when they have been cut.

Lastly, you need to attach the 2 smaller pieces to the larger piece.
I used a combination of both double sided tape and tacky glue.

The folder should look like this when it is complete.

Next it is time to decorate.

Here is how I chose to decorate my folder.

This gorgeous little Koala by Doodle Bug Designs just had to make the cover.

I also used the discard branding strip ( I never discard them as they now come with wonderful additions) to create this sentiment on the front cover.

Here is the front and the back cover,

Here is the inside of the folder.

Fake money and all :)

I'm loving the vibe of this Aussie themed leather pocket TN.

You can watch the process video HERE.

In my next episode, I start to decorate the pages of the inserts.
I hope you will join me for that.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Amira's DIY Australian Pocket Traveler's Notebook ~ Part 4 ~ TN Elastics & Closure

G'day Crafty Mates!
Amira's Aussie TN adventure continues.....
It's now time to get your Aussie TN ready to hold all its inserts.... it's elastic threading time!

Hey everyone,

Welcome back.
We are now ready to add elastics to our pocket TN.
The trademark of the TN is that you can add and remove inserts easily by threading them through these elastics.
There are a few ways of adding holes to the covers to thread the elastics.
I have chosen to place the holes on top of one another instead of side by side.

The tool I am using to make the holes is my Crop-o-dile and I am using the smallest hole punch setting.

The first hole I make is 3/8" from the top along the centre of cover.
The second hole goes directly below it at 7/8" from the top edge.
I also created hole in the centre (for the closure) using my Tim Holtz pick and I create the same 2 holes from the bottom of the cover.

To measure how much elastic you need, multiply the height of the cover (6" ) x 4. So in this instance, we need 24" of elastic. I am using hat elastic which is 2mm thick.

To see how I thread this, please watch the tutorial. I also chose to use a charm for added interest.

From the inside the elastics look like this.

From the outside, they look like this.

For the closure, I doubled the elastic around the middle and roughly estimated how much I needed to use. I added a charm with a little jump ring.

You can watch the tutorial HERE.

I hope you are enjoying the TN series.
See you in the next episode.
xx Amira

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Amira's DIY Australian Pocket Traveler's Notebook ~ Part 3 ~ Making the leather cover

G'day Crafty Mates!
How are you all going at making your own Aussie travelers notebooks? Today Amira creates a beautiful leather cover for her TN....... SO special!!

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to Part 3 of my Aussie Pocket TN Series.

We are on to making the cover!
Now I must confess that the idea to make a Pocket TN came to me when I was sewing my insert. 

I actually wanted it to be a Passport but was not satisfied by the size, so settled for the Pocket instead. 

The previous tutorial is fine if you want to make an insert that is outside the traditional TN sizes.

Here is what I mean:

From left to right: Regular Travelers Notebook (TN), Pocket TN, Passport TN

Here are the dimensions for each:

Regular TN:
Cover :10 1/8" x 8 3/4" H
Inserts: 9" W x 8.5" H

Pocket TN:
Cover: 8.5" x 6" H
Inserts: 7" W x 5.5" H

Passport TN:
Cover: 8.5" x 5 3/8" H
Inserts: 7" W x 5" H

This is when I decided to cut down the inserts I made in the previous blog to match a size that will fit into the pocket TN.

Next, I reached for this remnant of leather I picked up on my recent trip to HK (have you watched my haul video?).

I lightly penciled in the dimensions of the cover which are 8.5" x 6" H

I then place my wooden cutting board under my leather and use my scalpel blade and my steel ruler to gentle cut the leather.

This is the first time I have ever made / owned a genuine leather pocket journal!!

It feels amazing!
It smells !!
Everyone was right!
There is nothing like leather.
I feel like a true Aussie adventurer with a leather pocket journal! 

Watch the process video HERE

And make sure you continue onto Part 4 for the next instalment.

xx Amira

Friday, November 9, 2018

Amira's DIY Australian Pocket Traveler's Notebook ~ Part 2 ~ Making Inserts

G'day Crafty Mates!
SO - a travelers notebook is going to need inserts right?
Here's a tutorial from Amira for making your inserts - easy peasy!!

Hey everyone,

I'm here for a quick tutorial to show you how to make an insert using A4 sheets without having to trim anything to size.

With the eco papers I created in Part 1, 

I simply folded a sheet into half width ways first, to create a crease in the middle of the paper

then folded it down on itself length ways to produce another crease at exactly half point.

It is an this half way point that you need to cut all the way across so that one A4 piece of paper, produces 2 pages to go in my insert.

Each page will now measure 4 1/8" W x 5 3/4" H

Go ahead and cut a whole heap of pages for your insert.
I used 10 A4 pages to give me 20 pages.

To make the cover for each insert, I chose these 2 papers.. 

and cut them to 8.5" W (score in centre at 4.25" x 5.75" H (to be flush with papers, or 6" to be a little bit larger).

I then held the pages together with a bulldog clip and ran them through my sewing machine to bind them.
Here is how they turned out.

 You can watch the process tutorial HERE

Be sure to continue on to Part 3 where we make the cover for our Aussie Traveler's Notebook.

xx Amira

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Amira's DIY Australian Pocket Traveler's Notebook ~ Part 1 ~ Faux Eco Papers

G'day Crafty Mates!
We have a very special treat for you..... Amira has embarked on a huge 6 part project... creating a uniquely Aussie Traveler's Notebook.
Today - Part 1 - Creating faux eco papers!

Hi Everyone,

I was SO inspired by the Open Road paper collection from the November Kit that I decided that I wanted to make an Australian Traveler's Notebook just like a passport to have in my back pocket as Aussie adventurers do when they are out and about in the bush.

To start this whole process, I went out into my neighbourhood and picked leaves and flowers from trees and pressed them between coffee stained papers in my greenhouse (yes I know it sounds weird but some of these actually worked and I am so inspired by my faux eco printing papers that I used them in my booklets). So here is my setup.

Firstly, that tray is full of lukewarm coffee and that is a whole pile of copier paper

Step 1- Dip papers into the coffee tray and lay them in the greenhouse (this stops the papers from being blown around all over my backyard and it's pretty warm in there so they dry in no time on fine sunny days).

Step 2- Lay your leaves / flowers on top.

Step 3 - Dip another page into the coffee tray and play on top of the leaves.

Step 4 - Add another layer of leaves / flowers

Step 5 - Dip another page into the coffee tray and play on top of the leaves.

 You get the picture!

I ended up with approx 10 layers of paper on top of one another. 
The more you add, the heavier they press on each other (and create more of a print).

I also experimented with boiling leaves to make them softer and I used that water to stain copy paper a lovely light yellow color.

Here are some successful results.

Some worked, others didn't. 
It's alright. 
I really enjoyed the process and the papers are all so special to me because I made them myself.

You can watch my process for making these papers HERE

I will attempt real Eco Paper Printing,  one day . That is a huge process which I need to acquire some materials for. But for now, this works well enough for me.

Head on over to Part 2 tomorrow to learn how I turned these papers into inserts (booklets) for my Aussie Traveler's Notebook.

xx Amira

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Can't you hear the Thunder? No, wait it's Suzanne's possum scrapbook page

G'day Crafty Mates!
The Kaisercraft papers in our November kit are so gorgeous... they're just perfect for scrapbook layouts! Today Suzanne creates a perfect Aussie scrapbook page.... and introduces us to her little friends......

G'Day cobba. How's life been treatin ya?  I hope ya haven't had any possums on ya roof cause they sound like flamin thunder.  But when they're in the hollow tree with their little face poking out they're just as cute as a button.

Today my scrapbook page features some of the papers from the beautiful Open Road collection from Kaisercraft.  I used two 3inch strips of 'prospecting'  top and bottom and a torn piece of 'undiscovered' in the centre before adding my photograph and other embellishments.

I used a chipboard tree which I had coloured grey with gesso.  This also gave it texture.

I matted the photograph on several pieces of paper and popped it up on foam tape.

I cut a map of Australia out of my 6 1/2 inch paper pad (from my stash) from the collection to add to my page.

I also used my stamp (also from my stash)  from this collection to stamp and colour some leaves to match those that are on the ground in the photograph.

With all of my elements ready I put my page together.

I added a piece from the cut apart page to the layered papers and a boomerang from the wooden flourish pack.

Some stamped and coloured leaves as well as some of the leaves from the Collectables pack (from my stash) have also been added. I also used a sticker from the sticker sheet

Here is my completed page

And just because the possum is so adorable, here is a close up.  If you look carefully, you can see another member of the family through the other little hole in the tree and the ear of another possum behind her.  This possum family lived in an old hollow tree for many years about 20 metres away from Mum and Dad's house.  They constantly raided the fruit and nut trees but Dad would just plant more so there was enough for everyone.  Every now and then they would hold what sounded like a barn dance on the roof of the house and because it was tin, it sounded like it was elephants up there, not a couple of possums.  Aren't they just so cute.

You can watch a short process video HERE.
You can get the November kit HERE.

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