Monday, August 13, 2018

We Can Be Heroes - Donna's Authentic Spiderman

Hello Crafty Friends!
Don't you just love the Spiderman die in our 'We Can Be Heroes' kit?! Today Donna cuts a whole tribe of spidermen and has so much fun paper piecing them to create Spidey in the colours that we know and love!

Oh brilliant, this month we are having a Super Heroes party.. 

I love this Spiderman die from the August Kit.. Now you know me by now, I couldn't just cut him out in one colour so I looked at the picture on the package and thought I can do that.. So I die-cut him out 4 times in White, Blue, Red and Black.  Creepy looking though eh!!..

In this photo I have placed White behind the blue die-cuts as I was going to use this as the base, but I changed my mind and used the white as the base instead.. I drew around the red and blue Spiderman die-cuts to give me an idea of what I had to cut from the images.

You can see here in this photo what I mean by the above statement. Here I am adhering the red on the white base first.

I then fussy cut the blue sections and adhered them to the white base as shown including the tiny heel sections of the feet lol.. I cut the eye sections from the black diecut for the eyes and added an extra white eye to give it some dimension.  All this took ages to do as it was so fine but I think the end result is well worth it.. 

The finished Spiderman..
 I used a black pen to draw the lines on his suit and a blue copic pen to add some lines/shading to the blue areas.. 

I hope I have inspired you to create Glorious things..
Thank you for stopping by..


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Friday, August 10, 2018

We Can Be Heroes - Sarah’s Super-Loaded Envelopes

Hello Crafty Friends!
Who doesn't love receiving Happy Mail? Today Sarah shares her tutorial (and filling ideas) for Loaded Envelopes..... but it's super hero month right? So Sarah's envelopes are SUPER loaded!! :)

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing this month’s projects so far. What an amazing kit to work with! Today I’m sharing a project designed to be sent to others. I love pen paling and joining craft swap groups and it seems the latest thing to catch everyone’s eye in the craft community is loaded envelopes. These handmade beauties are simple pockets or envelopes filled with craft goodies. Today I share how to make a simple 2-pocket loaded envie.

To start you'll need to cut the bases. I used black card stock. Fold an A4 piece in half and cut to 4.5" wide. This will give you a large pocket of a little smaller than 4x6". For the smaller pocket use the scraps to cut a piece 4.5"x4.5"

Next, use 1/4" double sided tape (or another adhesive of your choice) on two of the long edges of your main base. Cut 1/4" off from each of the other sides and fold the sticky sides in to form tabs. I also cut triangle notches out to help the tabs sit better.

Stick the tabs to the other side of the large piece of card stock and it will make a large pocket like this:

For the smaller pocket tape the sides and bottom, cut the corners and fold in.

 Then stick down the smaller piece to the bottom of the large pocket and you'll have a double pocket like this:

Next you'll need to cut patterned paper to decorate the pockets. Measurements are as follows:
Bottom piece:  3.75 x 3.5"
Top Piece:       3.75 x 2.5"
Back piece:       3.75 x 5.75"

I used papers from the gorgeous Marvel Page Kit for this.

Put it all together and here it is:

I couldn't stop at just one, so I made two more! Another Captain America one:

And a Spider Man one:

Next, it's time to fill the pockets up. They are called loaded envelopes after all! You can put whatever you like in the pockets. To start with I made some Spider Man tags/bookmarks using the Marvel Collection and the Tim Holtz Air Mail String.

I then made some superhero wands using papers and stickers from the Marvel collection, some airmail string and some American Crafts Spider Web Doilies adhered to some paper straws.

I thought I would also include some embellishments that the receiver could craft with themselves. First I made some borders and punches from the paper scraps.

I also included some of the spider web doilies...

...and some stunning Spider Man serviettes from a local store.

Place all these items in the pockets and the loaded envies are done!

I hope you've enjoyed this project. I'd love to see your take on a loaded envie! Please join our Facebook group and share your projects with us.

Bye for now!


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August Monthly kit is available for $88.55 which is a saving of 20% on
 buying the items separately.
Postage is $9.90 to anywhere in Aus.
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Thursday, August 9, 2018

We Can Be Heroes - Amira's Marvel Super Hero Clutch Wallet

Hello Crafty Friends!
If you loved Amira's Marvel wallet earlier this week then you will adore the next part to her project.... a superhero clutch wallet. LOVE that Captain America cover!!!!

Hi everyone,
After my last wallet tutorial, I felt the need to create yet another wallet- 
this time a clutch wallet once again using the Marvel Comic Page Kit

I got the inspiration to make this clutch wallet from THIS DUCT TAPE TUTORIAL but modified it to use scrapbooking paper.

I was especially inspired by this Captain America paper- how amazing it would be to have a wallet that had this on the front!

I started by cutting 5 panels @ 4" x 7"

These I sent through my laminator to make them sturdy.

Next, I cut :
- 4 strips of 4" x 1" (score @ o.5")
- 2 strips of 7" x 1" (core @ 0.5")

Attach the two smaller strips to the sides of one panel,
then attach the longer piece at the bottom.

Use double sided tape and PVA glue to attach the second panel on top to make a pocket.

Now repeat with the other 2 panels.

You should now have 2 pockets.

There is one more panel left over, keep that aside for use in a little while.

Now it's time to attach these 2 pockets together.
Lay your pockets so that both pockets are facing to the right.

Cut 1 strip of paper to 7"x 1", score @0.5"

I added double sided tape and then added the Marvel Washi to one one side for decoration.

Next, add double side tape close to but NOT ON either side of the score line on the spine

I also added PVA glue.

Attach each of the pockets, make sure once again that both pockets are facing the same direction (or you might want the pocket formation to face towards the inside- whatever you want- it's going to be your wallet).

At this stage, I held it close with bull dog clips to give it a moment to come together.

Next it's time to make the card holders which I will be placing on the right panel.

Cut 3 comic papers to:

- 5" W (score @ 0.5" and 4.5") x 2.5" H (score @ 2")

Check your paper orientation.
Add double sided tape to the hinges.
I also added clear packing tape to ensure these card holders are more durable.

Next, attach your cardholders making sure the top card holder is low enough so that your cards do you not peek out of the wallet when they slot in.

You can choose to add clear packing tape here to hold your card holders in place. Make sure you tuck it into the pocket on the left and that you burnish nicely along the right edge.

Next, I wanted to create an area where I could put my photo ID so I can flash it while it's still in my wallet.

Firstly, I decorated the left panel with that fabulous dark Marvel washi.

Next, I used a piece of clear bonded laminate (2.5"H x3.5" W) and attached double sided tape in a "C" formation. 

I once again added some of that awesome white Marvel washi for decoration.
Then I flipped it over and added both double sided tape and PVA glue and stuck it down.

Now you can put any card in there and display it proudly.

Remember the 5th panel from that first step - it's time to use it now.
I did however bring in this Captain America panel which I wanted to be the outside of the wallet.

So I cut it down to 4" x 7" and backed it up with contrasting black paper and sent it through the laminator as well.

This is what the outside of the clutch wallet looks like .

We need to create a spine to attach that last panel.
Cut a piece of paper 7" x 1" (score @ 0.5").
I added washi tape again to the outside piece and I added clear tape too to shore it up.

Next, add double side tape close to but NOT ON either side of the score line on the spine.

I also added PVA glue.

Attach the pocket on the left hand side and the panel on the right and burnish well to get a good stick.
This black piece of laminated paper can now act as a dash board for you to stick reminders on or paper clip receipts and tickets to.

And here it is!

The clutch when open.

Close over the left side....

.. and close over the right side to reveal the beef cake Captain America!

Now for the closure!!

As I said in my tutorial, I did not want to add buttons and ribbons as I felt it was not befitting the theme (LOL) so I went with the mighty and humble rubber band!!

It seemed so fitting!!!

And there you have it!!
2 DIY wallets made using the Marvel Comic Page Kit.

Aren't they fabulous!!

Check out the process tutorial HERE

Let me know what you think!!
Would you make one?

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