Friday, September 18, 2015

Road Test Friday - Thermoweb Deco Foil

Hi everyone! Welcome to another Friday Road Test! We'll be giving our Road Testers new products to try out and reporting back the results and (hopefully) great experiences.

Today the Real Jenni brings us iCraft Deco Foil from Thermoweb.

Now, I have to admit, when I ordered in this product I had absolutely NO IDEA what it was! I know, I know.... I should know better, but hey - with so many new products on the market, it's hard to keep up with all the latest new goodies. But that's what my Road Testers are for! 

So what is Deco Foil? Basically it'a roll of foil transfer sheets that can be used with the Deco Foil transfer adhesive, or any other 'sticky' medium (such as double-sided tape) to add foil accents to your project. Jenni had a play with this super foil. Here is what she found........

"here is the Transfer Adhesive. It comes in a 61ml bottle and can be used on paper or fabric"

"The Deco Foils come in a great range of colours. Each tube holds five 6 x 12 inch sheets"

"Write anything you would like, draw a picture. or simply doodle, on cards, cardstock, wood - the posibilities are endless......"

"it's very important that the adhesive is dry when you apply the foil.
This time varies so much. When you first write with the pen, it goes on "smokey" looking.
Allow it to completely dry until it is clear....transparent.
 There is no set time for this as atmosphere and thickness play a big part
If you are organised I would leave it overnight before applying the foil

When you apply the foil I found it best NOT TO RUB,,,but to PRESS/DAB"

"this picture shows what happens if you rub it, and if the adhesive is not quite dry

"this is it dried and foiled with our favourite craft shop written"

"if you look closely at this picture,,,,you will see "Vera" in the sky,,,,,"

Now this product gets really exciting when you use it together with a printer and a laminator.
Print any picture in MONOCHROME using a LASER printer. This part is really important as it's the toner that acts as an adhesive when it is heated in your laminator.
Place a sheet of Deco Foil face up over your printed image.........

Than sandwich the print and foil inside a sheet of paper (this protects the foil when it goes through the laminator)........

Roll the paper sandwich through your laminator, leave it a minute to cool down, and simply peel off the foil sheet........


Imagine the possibilities......

Jenni's verdict:

"All in all I found this product very versatile and fun.

the only fault I found with it was that the drying time of the transfer adhesive was quite long.
I think when I use the adhesive method, I will be leaving it overnight to dry

Very Happy with the results"

A big thank you to Jenni for showing us how simple and fun it is to use these fabulous foil transfer sheets.

Wishing you all a happy Friday..... and a brilliant weekend!
Aunty Vera :)


  1. Great job Jenni! I love the possibilities <3 xxA

  2. That so looks like fun YT I watched earlier Ken used the Elizabeth Craft doubleside foam and cut shapes then rubbed one side onto foam and the other side on to project. Jenni the music score looked beautiful😍 and where did you get the awesome Combi Van die from I love love love 💜💚😍😎 it..

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