Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Month of Christmas Crafting 2017 - Leanne's 12 Days of Christmas

Hello Merry Crafters......

Anyone who knows me and my *great* ordering skills need only look at the following picture to fall about in fits of hysterical laughter.......

You see.... a couple of years ago, when Graphic 45 released their 12 Days of Christmas collection, I accidentally double-clicked a number key and instead of ordering one pack of 25 sheets of this design, I ordered ELEVEN packs. You do the maths! And - no offense Graphic 45 but...... this is really the LEAST useful of the pages in my opinion... cause that carol in the centre is so BIG!!! 

But what do you know! Leanne got her hands on a few sheets (yep guys, they are STILL hanging around and are now on SUPER SPECIAL on the website lol).... and LOOK!!! Gorgeous Christmas cards featuring some of the 12 Days gifts. Check them out!.......

"Woo hoo!  I got out all those bargain G45 'The Twelve Days of Christmas' papers and look what I came up with.  I made the first one and loved it so much I just went with it and tried to incorporated some of the 'gifts'. 
I made a few tags too but couldn't really incorporate the 'gifts' as they were a bit big.  I hope you like them!"
Leanne :)

Aren't they just brilliant?!
Thank you Leanne! (But now I can't get that carol out of my head!!)
On the fifth day of.......

Aunty Vera :)


  1. Well done leanne
    Good to see something beautiful done with THAT paper


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