Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Month of Christmas Craft - Lolly's Envelope Card

Hello Crafty Friends!
Lolly joins us today with a really clever Envelope Card featuring that beautiful BoBuuny Carousel Christmas paper from our December Kit.
I love secret compartments and cards that open and open to show their magic. So I totally swooned when I saw Lolly's creation! Enjoy.....

It's time for another Crafty Dream!   I was dream-crafting about making a card out of envelopes, so this is what I came up with.  This is the cover:

And when you pull the left and right envelopes aside, it looks like this:

And when you pull aside the top and bottom envelopes, you get this:

I made a tutorial using green envelopes and bright paper.  To make the project, you'll need four envelopes of identical size, which are slightly wider than their height.   Mine are A2 size envelopes.

You also need to cut a SQUARE base of card stock.  It should measure 1/8" wider than the width of the envelope. I cut mine out of green card stock.  You will also need a decorative square for the inside center of the card, and that should be 1/8" shorter than the width of the envelope.  The two squares are here, stacked up, for comparison:

Next, apply your adhesive of choice to the flap of an envelope.

Turn it over, and adhere the flap to the top of the square base, centering it left to right, since the square is slightly wider than the envelope.

Then attach the other three envelopes in the same manner, to the other three edges of the square base. Once you have all four envelopes attached, glue your decorative square in the center to cover the flaps.

Now you are done with construction and can add decorative mats to both sides of all four envelopes.

This green color is nowhere near as fun as the beautiful papers in the December "Magical Christmas" kit.  And of course I made a video tutorial, which you can see HERE.
Don't forget to check out Aunty Vera's website HERE

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