Monday, April 16, 2018

All the Leaves Are Brown Too - Suzanne's Lip Balm/Chap Stick Holder

Hello Crafty Friends!
I love this next project from Suzanne...... cute mini gift bags that don't require a huge amount of time or space.... now that's right up my alley!

Hello everyone.  Autumn is a wonderful time of the year with the cooler weather making it much nicer here in my neck of the woods.  I hope it has cooled down in your area and that you are enjoying some time in the great outdoors.  And if you do, then my next project might interest you.

This project is super quick and easy (it's a great one to get the kids involved in if crafting is their thing.)  You don't need many supplies and you can make it without any dies although I did use one small tab die.

I'm making a lip balm/chap stick holder or miniature handbag.  These make great little gifts and you can make one in just a few minutes.

You will need a piece of 6 inch x 6 inch patterned paper.  I used the dots paper from the April kit but you can use any patterned paper as long as you are careful with the design orientation.  You also need 2 pieces of coordinating cardstock 3/8 inch x 3 1/2 inch and two more pieces at 2/8 inch x 6 inch pieces for the handbag straps.  I used a small tab die for the closure but you could just cut a small rectangle of coordinating cardstock and round the corners instead.  Note I did change from the white cardstock to orange cardstock when I was putting it together as it looked better with the orange)

Score at 1 1/4 inch and 4 3/4 inches and turn the page and score at 2 1/2 inch and 3 1/2 inch

Score all the crease lines and fold in the 1 1/4 inch and 4 3/4 inch crease lines

The next part is tricky to explain in written words but I will give it a go.  You need to take the edge of the creased line that is folded over and pull it up to the side where it is folded. This has to be done for each of those four crease edges that are folded inwards. I do have a short video tutorial which explains it much clearer if you would like to watch that.  You can find that at the end of this post.

Hopefully these pictures help

Here you can see the crease edge folding up toward the fold edge

 Sorry about the quality of the photograph.  Its not the camera its the nit wit that's using it.

 This is what your little purse will look like when you have folded everything

Now, add some glue to the parts of the folded sides that are not in the fold area

Here you can see the sides that are glued down

This is the two straps of the bag that measure 2/8 inch x 6 inches

give them a curl with your bone folder

I lined my bag up on my craft mat and glued the handles about 1/2 inch in from the edge. Don't glue the handles too far down because the other small pieces of coordinating cardstock need to cover the strap area

This piece of cardstock covers the area where the strap was glued on

Here I have added the small closure with glue

 I've stuck on half of a Velcro dot

 I also trimmed some of the hook side off so that it wasn't so strong and didn't damage the bag when it was pulled open.

I also added some bling to the closure and a lip balm

 Here you can see some larger versions of the same design without the handles.  The Christmas ones are closed with a clip

Thanks for having a look at my lip balm holder.  Enjoy your day.
Bye for now.
Suzanne xoxo

You can watch my video tutorial HERE.
You can get the April kit from Aunty Vera here.


  1. You are right! That is quick and easy to make! On my list xxA

  2. These are so cute. Have to have a go at this.

  3. brilliant, love these little bags. x

  4. Yes, like these cute little bags. Gonna have a go. TY.

  5. I love these. Wish you had done this 2 weeks back. Would have made perfect party bags for my daughters birthday and she would have loved helping me make them. Looks like I'll have to organize a birthday party for my second when she turns 3 just so we can make these 💜💜💜


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