Monday, December 3, 2012

25 Days of Christmas 2012 - December 3rd

Hi Scrappy Bloggers!

Do you want to see something yummy?
I thought I'd take a leaf out the Christmas Book of our Northern Hemisphere friends and set up.......

.....a Hot Chocolate Bar!!

Set up your Hot Choccie Bar the same day you put up your Christmas Tree and keep it stocked with goodies for as long as you keep your Tree ('til Januuary 6th of course). Include marshmallows and other lovely toppings. I found some mini choc chips at the supermarket last week - very cute! Don't forget the candy canes to stir up a peppermint hot chocolate with.

My youngest kiddo came home from school and thought he was in Hot Chocolate Heaven! Here is his creation....

Hmmmmm.....five weeks of hot chocolates......reckon I'll be buying some SKIM milk tomorrow!!!!!

Aunty Vera :)


  1. I'll have mine with cream and chocolate sprinkles please xo

  2. The cream's in the choccie with cream goes without saying :)
    Having to keep the goodies stocked for 5 weeks - I've created a monster!!!!!!!!!!!!


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