Friday, November 17, 2017

My Crafty Friend - Lolly's Pocket Journal

Hello Crafty Friends!

We have such a fun project today from our Crafty Friend Lolly!
A very special Pocket Journal to keep all your treasures, memories and special notes!

I hope you are all loving this kit as much as I am.  I've use so much of that paper that I only have small scraps left after this project!  I designed a project based on two notebooks I saw (one by Heidi Swapp and one vintage one in a thrift store). I tweaked the idea and played around until I got it the way I wanted.  I'm calling it a Pocket Journal. Come check it out!

The Pocket Journal consists of eight string-clasp envelopes bound together.  The envelopes look like this.  They  have a long flat section (toward the left) enabling them to be bound.

Each envelope is made with a base measuring 9 by 3.75 inches and a front part measuring  4.75 X 5 5/8 inches.   The base is scored on the wrong side, on the long edge, at 1 inch and 7 3/8 inches.  The front piece is scored on the right side of the paper, at half inch one both long ends and one short end.

The corners are trimmed on the front piece, the flaps folded under, and it is glued to the base between its score lines.   The biggest section remaining on the base is folded to the front for a flap.  Prior to gluing the front to the base, however, 3/4" circles of card stock need to be added to both sections with eyelets (and a string to the top eyelet).

The envelopes need a pad, or a spacer, between them, so I cut out white foam strips measuring 3.75 X 7/8 inches.  I punched two holes in each spacer and each envelope and glued the spacers on top of each envelope with Fabri-Tac.

You can see in the finished project why those spacers were needed.  Without them, the album would have been narrow on the left side but wide and fanned out on the right.

Using chipboard, I then cut two hinges at 1 X 4 inches and two covers at 4 X 6 7/8"

Using double sided tape, I covered the chipboard pieces in coordinating card stock.

Then, keeping the hinge and cover about one to two thicknesses of chipboard apart, I joined them with cloth book tape wrapped around to the back.

I let that dry a few hours, and then using ribbon from the kit, I tied all the envelopes inside the covers and then decorated the cover.

Lastly, because I still had room, I glued laces to the edges of each envelope.  It all came together so beautifully.  I am absolutely thrilled with how this turned out.

This is sooo adorable!  The papers, flowers, and ribbons in this kit coordinate so well.  Trust me, my crafty friend, you'll want this kit.   You can pick one up HERE.

The entire process of making this is on my video HERE.

Thank you for joining in the crafty fun!

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  1. Envelopes! What a great project Lolly! And the prints are so sweet together 💗💗💚💙💗❤️


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