Sunday, May 28, 2017

Weekend Catch Up - Donna's Big Trip

Hello Crafty Friends!

Who misses Donna? I know we all do here in Aunty Vera Land.... that's why she was given strict instructions to check in with us and keep us updated about her travels around Australia.
So for the Weekend Catch Up...... Donna is here to share some news about her first week on the road. And can you believe it... she's managed to get some crafting done! BRILLIANT!!

 Hi all, how are we on this lovely day??
Well it is our first week away from Tasmania and we have landed in Numurkah..
Friends, Debbie and Rodney, own a motel here and wanted us to visit.
Wow, talk about busy.. Debbie has dragged me to Shepparton, yes you guessed it,
to Lincraft, Spotlight and many other craft shops.. Have only brought a little as my hubby threatened to leave me here if I brought too much lol.. We won't tell him about the bag under the bed in the caravan will we, HAHA HEHE (maniacal evil laughter)..

Here is a picture of the El Toro Motel where we have a very lovely room with showers, ensuite, television and a queen bed. Can you see our van parked outside the room!!

Debbie is a fantastic seamstress, so she showed me how to cover books with material.
Here are my attempts.. As yet to be embellished..

These are plain notebooks that I intend to write things in on the road.. (you notice I say intend lol).
One will be a recipe book as Debbie is showing me how to make interesting curry pastes. Did I mention she is a great cook as well!! So much talent sigh!!! lol.

The book with the cover (Happy is the House), was a brilliant find at the op shop for one whole dollar.. I cut the gorgeous cover off the book and sewed it on the front of the material using a blanket stitch and created a false cover for the book with heavy cardstock..

My five books..

I ask you to not look too close because there are tons of mistakes lol..
Oh by the way I picked up all the ribbon for $1.00 at spotlight (bargain).. 

I just could not help myself, so my hubby said, not even one week in to the trip and I have started crafting already, HeHe.

Its never too late to learn and create new things..
Be safe and wonderful crafting
Donna xx 
Ps.. Miss Aunty Vera and the Creative Team already..

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