Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Sea You in the Craftroom: Lolly Has Fun Using 4x6 Cards

Hello Crafty Friends

Aren't 12x12 double-sided paper manufacturers just evil?! Giving us papers with beautiful designs on one side and..... gorgeous designs on the OTHER!!! If you feel sad creating projects that only show one side of your papers then you'll LOVE Lolly's clever 4x6 cut-aparts card featuring both sides of a cut-apart design paper......

Whenever I get my hands on a sheet of 4X6 cutapart cards like this in a kit, I go bonkers!

The cards are so fun and so intriguing, and I always want to cut them up and use them, but then there is a dilema -- I like the back of the cards, too!  How can I use the cards in a way that both sides of the card are visible?  I decided to make a greeting card with this paper, and I filmed the experiment.

First, I knew I wanted the cards to remain attached to one another.  I removed the "ocean waves" card and the submarine card (bottom two on the right), leaving the other four attached.

The top two are the card base, and the bottom two fold up into the card base.

I added another piece of  patterned paper to the back of the card, leaving an opening as a pocket.

Then I made a tag to go in the pocket and sewed some coarse wired ribbon onto it.

Embellishments on a flat card need to be flat as well.  I mean that if I had added buttons and thick embellishments to any of the parts of this card, it would not have folded up correctly.  I used some Glossy Accents, glitter, and also some Perfect Pearls from the kit.  I also cut some tiny images from the paper collection to add to the cards.  I used the PixScan mat for the Cameo, and  you can learn how HERE

I also wanted an envelope, so I made a top-loading envelope.  I took a 9 x 9 3/4" piece of patterned paper, and on the short side scored at 1" and 7 3/4".    On the longer side, I scored at  2 1/2" and 7 1/4", and then I cut off the outer corner rectangles and folded it into an envelope.

I added one of the smaller cutapart cards from the collection, but I also wanted to use up some of my scrap papers to frame that card, to I offset the papers behind the card, and it worked well.  You can see that neither the red nor black papers are large enough to frame the entire card.

The card could be a super quick card, especially without liquid embellishements (no drying time needed then), and is a great way to use those 4x6 cutapart cards.

I have the entire process HERE.

Run over to Aunty Vera's website and snatch up one of these kits HERE before they are gone!
You'll be glad you did!  I'll be glad you did, too!

Thank you for coming to SEA what I've been up to!


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