Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Trick or Treat: Lolly's Dominoes Banner

Hello Crafty Friends!

This month is so much fun! Even if you're not into Halloween you can't not be excited about the fabulous Spooky Craft our team is creating.
Today Lolly gives a new life to a set of dominoes (does this make them zombies? and creates a fun Dominoes Banner!

Happy Halloween, everyone! This is my first year of making Halloween crafts, and since our kit is Trick or Treat themed, I decided to play along by creating some of my own images to go along with the theme.  I made these images to fit on domino tiles.  I knew I wanted to make Halloween dominoes, but I started crafting them without knowing where I was headed.  Hmmm.  Think, think, think. . .

Then I cut out a witch from the paper collection in the kit, and I also gathered the die cuts from the kit that would fit on dominoes.

I spray painted a couple of dominoes black (though I only ended up using one).  I knew I wanted to make a spider with that fuzzy black fiber in the kit. Seriously, you can't look at that fiber and not want to make spiders!  I glued "legs" onto the back of a black tile.    Okay, this looks creepy so far:

I covered the back with black card stock, and then on the front I added googly eyes to the spider.  He is so CUTE!  Believe me, the only good spider is a cute one.

For the other dominoes, I used Judikins Diamond Glaze  to adhere the images.

Once dry, I used fine glitter to spice up the witch's head band and waist band, the pumpkin face, and the borders around the words.  I let that dry overnight, brushed off the excess glitter, and coated the tiles in Diamond Glaze.

I selected lettered beads to spell out F-R-I-G-H-T-F-U-L.

And I glued one on top of each tile with E6000.  The holes enable me to thread the jute through the tiles.

Next I painted some wooden beads to be strung between the tiles.

And I strung all the tiles and beads together, leaving about 1.5" between each tile.

I adore how this turned out! 

I filmed the stringing process, sharing how I get knots to go exactly where I want them.  It's an old trick from knotting a strand of pearls.  You can see the process HERE.

Halloween crafting is a blast.  I'm loving it!
Make sure you stop by and check out this kit while it's still available.  Get yours HERE.

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  1. Love this project. I have a set of dominoes and this has given me an idea for a future project-yes another one. Thanks Lolly.


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