Monday, October 23, 2017

Trick or Treat! - Lolly's Shaker Door Knocker

Hello Crafty Friends!
Lolly's Halloween project today will have you SHAKING! With crafty fun, not with fear :)

I adore shakers.  I love making them, looking at them, and playing with them.  Sooo, you guessed it!  It's SHAKER time!   I made shaker files to cut out with my Cameo.  Normally, there is a solid background to the shaker, and several "rings" that build up around the edges to hold the sequins in place.  Like this:

The solid piece is usually card stock, and the ring builds up the reservoir.  Then a solid shape of acetate is glued on that, and one more ring shape put on top as a decoration, and it ends up looking like this, but with sequins in it.   Well, I got to thinking that I wanted a transparent background instead of the card stock as my solid foundation.

So for each shaker, I cut two pieces of acetate:  one for the foundation layer and one for the top.   I also cut eight "rings" of card stock to build the reservoir, and one decorative card stock ring for the very top, using patterned papers from this month's kit for it.

I also knew that I wanted to use the die cuts from this kit, peeking through the acetate in each of the three shakers I was making.  I used a pumpkin die in the photo above, and the spider web in the photo below,

and for the last one, I used the scarecrow die to cut out a black silhouette for the shaker.

I built the shakers with a layer of acetate, one die character, then 8 rings, (then I added the sequins mix), a layer of acetate, and the final ring.  I used sequins from my stash, some mini ghost die cuts, and just to be a little crazy, I used a glittery glue on this paper scrap, fussy cut bats out and hand punched circles to add to the sequins mix.

Then I glued on embellishments from my stash and elements from the kit.

Then I strung them all on glittery orange ribbon.  I adore this project soooo much.  It makes my day!
My favorite part is that you can see through the shakers.  Hanging the shakers on a door has an entirely different effect than hanging on a wall!

I had to break the process video down into two segments. Part one is HERE
and part two is linked under that first video.

Aunty Vera did a super duper job gathering supplies to put this kit together.  Please check it out HERE

And have a tricky-treaty day!


  1. Love this! 🖤🎃⚪️🎃🖤

  2. Yeah this is pretty awesome!!!
    Love the scarecrow in the shaker and I love the clear backing. I just love everything.


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