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NSD 2018 - Tina's Stationery Box Challenge.

Hello Crafty Friends!
A special box to hold your memories. That's what Tina's Challenge is all about.
Go Team Tina!!

Hello everyone. Today I have a Stationary Box that would make a lovely gift for someone to hold their photos so they are ready to be used for memory keeping, tags and a place to keep those handmade cards for any occasion on hand to give to someone.

There are so many tutorials on YouTube to make a similar style Stationary boxes, but I found one that uses two sheets of A4 paper instead of 1 sheet of 12x12 paper. I found using this method gives the box extra strength.

The inside of the box has a place for cards and photos, with two smaller pockets that will hold tags, smaller cards and envelopes.  The little note book is perfect for keeping notes, dates, a pen holder and Stamp pocket complete the box.

To make the box I used two pieces of A4 black cardstock.
Cut front piece at 10"x 7"  and back piece 8 4/8" x 7". For the front piece, score along he 10" side at 2" at 8" then turn and score at 5". On the 8 4/8" side of the back piece score at 1 2/8 " and 7 2/8 " turn and on the 7" side score at 5".

Fold along all score lines and cut away the small corners on both pieces, slightly tapering them.

Glue the back piece onto the front piece.

Now is the time to add the decorative papers. I used blue textured Kaisercraft cardstock which I cut  1/8" smaller  and then I used the beautiful floral paper from the kit cutting this  1/8" smaller than the blue paper and I like to ink all my edges with Distress Ink, Vintage Photo.

When adding the patterned cardstock make sure to check that it is facing the correct way (I have certainly made this mistake before).

Next cut a piece of black cardstock 8 4/8" x    4 2/8" and score three sides at 1 2/8". Fold along the score lines and add the blue cardstock and the patterned paper from the kit, cutting each layer 1/8" smaller. Cut away the corners slightly tapering them.
Cover the inside back of the box with the two layers of cardstock. I cut this shorter than the back because it will be hidden when the pocket is in place.

Add glue to the outside of the black cardstock flaps and carefully line up and glue to the bottom and sides of the back.

For the two smaller pockets cut two pieces of black cardstock 5 4/8" x 2" and 4 4/8" x 2".
Score both pieces on two sides at 4/8" and 1".

Add both layers of cardstock, fold on score lines and add to the back pocket making sure to add glue to the inside where the two smaller pockets meet to ensure they hold together.

Add the two layers of cardstock to the front inside of the box (unfortunately I didn't take that picture). I used the same paper as the large pocket.

For the lid cut a piece of black cardstock 10 1/8 " x 6 1/8 ", score all four sides at 2". Add the decorative papers. I used a contrasting colour in-between the two layers which gives extra strength to  the lid. Fold along score lines. Cut only one side of the corner pieces then glue and fold inwards.

To make the little notebook, cut a piece of black cardstock 6 3/8" x   3 5/8".
Score down from the  6 3/8" side at 2 7/8", 3 1/8" and  3 2/8".
Fold along the two score lines that are close together to form the spine of the booklet. I cut plain copy paper for the inside pages of the notebook at 3" and 3 4/8", just enough to fill the spine. Staple the notebook and cover with the two layers of coloured cardstock. making sure to cut two tiny strips to cover the staples. The side with the score line is the top and this will be folded slightly upwards.

To attach the note book I made a sleeve so that if needed the notebook can be replaced.
Cut a piece of black cardstock  4 4/8" x  2 7/", score down the 4 4/8"side at 4/8 ". Fold along score lines and glue the inside folded flaps on to the inside front of the box where you would like the notebook to sit, making sure to leave room at the bottom for the pen. The back cover of the notebook will then slide into the holder and stay in place.

To make the pen holder, cut black cardstock 2" x 1" and slightly smaller in the two layers of coloured cardstock. Once glued together, work the piece slowly around a pen to make it into a smooth, round shape without bending. Then, glue the two ends together making sure the pen fits inside. Glue this onto the inside front of the box.
The little stamp pocket is cut firstly in black cardstock at 3" x 2", score on three sides at 4/8", fold along score lines and cut away the corners at an angle. Add the coloured cardstock and attach to the inside front of the box..

The box construction is now finished and I just added two Tim Holtz Idea-ology Pen Nibs on the inside front of the box. On the lid I used one of the beautiful Prima flowers that came with tae kit. The remaining flowers are From I Am Roses, the die cut leaves are made using the Sizzix Thinlits Garden Greens and finally, I added a Tim Holtz Idea-Ology metal key hole.

I hope you enjoyed this project. I will be back with some different ways to fill the box.

Here Is a link to the YouTube tutorial which comes in two parts.

You can find all the information you need about the Challenges (including the boring fine print) HERE.
Post your creations in THIS ALBUM for my Challenge.

Thank you and Happy Crafting
Tina xxx
This beautiful kit can be purchased HERE.


  1. Ooh so having a go at this one Tina, a wonderful project x

  2. I'm thinking on of these for my mom for Mother's Day!! And it's gonna have to be a hoarded G45 paper me thinks LOL...thank you so much for this GREAT tutorial. xxA

  3. Tina, this is quite simply gorgeous

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