Wednesday, May 16, 2018

NSD 2018 - A Tiny Tutorial - Donna's Coloured Twine

Hello Crafty Friends!
How are you going with Donna's waterfall Album Challenge? Are you filling your albums with lots of memories and special thingies? 
You may have noticed the gorgeous pink twine on one of Donna's tags in her album.... did you know that Donna coloured it herself? It's super easy! Here's how......

Hi All,
As promised a small, well tiny is more accurate tutorial
on My Challenge 'My Favourite Thingy'
How to match twine to your project..
In the May kit, you will have received the divine twine from
the most wonderful Mr Tim Holtz and the gorgeous Color Burst
from Ken Oliver..
Well I wanted to use both, so I thought why not do that together..
Spray water on a heatproof sheet, add a few drops of the Color Burst.
Mix well together.

Place your twine in it and voila, you now have
matching twine for your project..
Dry with a heat gun and Bob's your uncle...

Looks brilliant doesn't it...

Donna xx



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  1. Hee hee. So pretty. I love it when Bob's my uncle!

  2. I think in this case it’s a mixture of Tim and Ken who are my uncles 😂


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