Monday, June 11, 2018

Coffee & Friends: Lolly's PocketBook (Traveler's Notebook Without Elastics)

Hello Crafty Friends!
It's important to keep track of all your coffee adventures! But if making a traveler's notebook with strings and elastics makes you nervous.... why not try Lolly's Pocketbook? It's a traveler's notebook..... with pockets for your inserts and treasures!

You probably know that I adore traveler's notebooks.  It doesn't matter the style, the size, or the materials.   Well, I've had it stuck in my mind for awhile that I want to make a TN that does not require elastics.  All the hole-punching and elastic-stringing give some people the chills, right?

So I decided to use pockets to hold the inserts, and I'm calling this project a PocketBook.  To make a PocketBook that holds A6 inserts (4X6), you'll need two sheets of 12X12" sturdy card stock.  Cut your pieces into these sizes:

Cover:  9.75 X 6.75 inches.  On the long side, score at 4.5 and 5.25

Interior divider:  8 3/8 X 6.75  On the long side, score at 3.5 and 8.  After scoring, you'll rotate the paper 180 degrees so that the narrow strip is on the left.

Pockets:   3.5 X 6.75 (cut three of these)
Mini Pocket:  3.5 X 3

I'm using bright paper in the pictures, so you can see what's happening.

Turn the cover pretty side down and fold on both score lines and burnish.  Glue a pocket along the left and right edges, pretty side up, leaving them open toward the center of the book.   Glue the mini pocket at the bottom of the left pocket, leaving the top border open.

For the Interior divider, place the pretty side down and fold on both score lines, bringing the sides up and toward each other.  Burnish.

 Now glue the large flap down along the top and bottom edges, leaving a pocket for an insert.  Also, glue the last pocket to the back side of that divider.

 Next, glue the 3/8 inch flap along the spine of the book, with the edge up against the first book score line, and the fold of the flap facing the back of the book.

That is the basic construction.  Now you can mat the cover and pockets.  For the cover, I used 4 X 6.5 papers, and for the long pockets I used 3 X 6.5 papers.

Here's the final front and top view of the PocketBook.

If you want a closure, you can attach a ribbon to the outside of the spine and then cover the spine with some pretty lace.

I skipped this, but I'll most likely try it on my next version.  I did, however, attach lace to the spine.

To watch part one of the entire process and tutorial, click HERE.

**NOTE**  the dimensions I first gave in the video are a pinch too long, making the cover 7" tall.  I prefer the 6.75" tall version.  It makes a big difference!  In part two of the process, I demonstrate the decoration of the cover, the making of the inserts, and the making of the paper clips for the inside.  Stay tuned!

Check out the kit HERE before it gets away!

Thank you for having coffee with me!

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  1. Yep am loving this little beauty. I am going to have a go at this one for sure Lolly x


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