Saturday, February 17, 2018

Love & Art: Lolly's Accordion Strip Card

Hello Crafty Friends!
We continue Lolly's Love Card Marathon today with a clever accordion style card that makes the most of 12" border strip papers!

I'm trying to use a different element on each card in my Valentine Card series.  This time, I wanted to use the 4X6 inch cut apart cards and some of the 12 inch decorative cut apart strips.  I don't do 12 inch scrapbook layouts, so how could I use the 12 inch strips?  I decided to fold them accordion style and insert them in the center of a card.

I chose a 4X6 inch cut apart card for my card front.  I wanted to mat it on a black card, but if I cut the black card larger than 4X6, then I wouldn't be able to get many cards out of the sheet of black card stock.   So, I kept the black card 4X6 on the front (4X12 before folding).

Then I just trimmed the 4X6 card down a pinch on each side so that it would be smaller than the black mat.

Then I cut a piece of thick white paper to about 3.75 X 11.75 and glued it onto what would be the inside of my card.  This will show off the designs better and give me a journaling spot.

Then I scored the black card (after I added the white interior) and folded it in half and glued the 4X6 card onto the front.

After I cut my 12 inch strip, I scored at 3, 6, and 9 inches and folded it so the center fold was up (mountain fold) and the other two were down (valley folds).

 Then I glued one section to the inside right of the card, lining it up with the white border.

Then I folded it, glued the top portion, and closed the card on it.  It's really a super simple card, but sometimes I tend to overthink projects and need the simple aspects of card making to keep me enjoying the crafting process!

Here's what the fold out strip looks like on two of the card I've made like this.

After the card was made, I selected flowers from my stash and used Fabri-Tac to glue some over the floral images.   DONE!

A super quick card that utilizes those 12 inch strips!  You can watch the process HERE and get a close-up view of the other card I made like this as well. 
And head on over to Aunty Vera's website HERE to love on some of her papers!

Love and art from Lolly!

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