Saturday, February 17, 2018

Love & Art: Lolly's Tabbed Card

Hello Crafty Friends!
Lolly had a crafty dream......

Next up . . . Guess who had another crafty dream?  You guessed it! 

So I kept dreaming about making a card to hold the 4X4 inch cut-apart cards in this paper line, and the card would have two tabs on it -- a front and back.

So I started with three of the cut-aparts -- one for the front, and two for the inside.

Then I cut a piece of card stock 9.25 X 4.25 inches for the card itself, and I scored it on the long side at 4 5/8.

After folding on the score line, I wanted to make tabs on each short end, so I got out my 1-2-3 Punch Board (Envelope Punch Board) and placed the short end of the card at the 2 1/8" mark, making sure that the card was positioned with the mountain fold up, so that the tab would be where I wanted it.  I punched a notch in that location.

Then I slid the card to the right, so that the left border of the card lined up with the center of the punch (my board has a line marking this), and I punched again.

That gave me my first tab.

I rotated the card around to the other short end, and I repeated the process.

Once done, I used a craft blade to remove the non-tab areas from the card ends.

Then it was time to glue on the 4X4 cut-aparts!  One for the cover:

And two on the inside:

Now the weird part of my crafty dream was that I punched two holes in each tab,

threaded seam binding lace through the holes,

and tied a bow.

I did that for the bottom tab as well.

Then I used Diamond Glaze to add shine and dimension to the flowers on the cover.

Keep in mind that all this time, I really wasn't sure if I even LIKED what my craft dream had produced, but I was determined to see it through!  I let that dry overnight, and in the morning when I looked at it with fresh eyes and played with the card, I really did decide that I like the bows.  Then I glued some flat-backed black and white pearls onto the flowers, and it really came alive.

It's definitely different, and I'm not sure I would have tried it, but I'm enjoying it.  Come watch the full process HERE and see another card I made while this one was drying.

Also, you will want to get your crafty  hands on this paper collection HERE before it's all gone!

Thanks for sharing in my "dream crafting"!
Love & Art, 

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  1. Wow Lolly, your designs never cease to amaze me! I adore this tab card, in fact I may just have to case this one, hope you do not mind. Love, love, love it, and that heart is just so bloomin' gorgeous!


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