Sunday, February 18, 2018

Love & Art: Lolly's Booklet Card

Hello Craft Friends!
I hope you've been having fun following Lolly's Love Card Marathon!
Here is Lolly's final Love Card...... a little booklet card that is just oh so adorable!!

I'm still playing with the papers from this fun kit and loving how many cut-apart cards there are!  This time I wanted to make a booklet card using the 3X4 inch cards.

That is always like a blank canvas to me. . . how can I come up with a new way to use the cards?
This time I kept four in a row intact and scored between them.

Then I glued the bottom and open side, of the two center ones, creating a pocket.  I will make tags later on to put in them.

Then to decorate my card front, I made a 1X2 inch mini card, and I used the Mini Envelope punch board to create an envelope of the right size.

To cover the fold area of the card, I cut a 4X1 inch spine, folded it in half lengthwise, and I used the cute Lawn Fawn die to cut a strip of hearts from it.  Then I glued it over the spine of my card.

I kept moving to other areas of the card while the first areas were drying, so next I took some of this fun gold ribbon out . . .

. . .  and I cut out two of the flowers and glued them on top of my mini envelope.

I added some flat back embellishments and then the covers were done.  Next, I cut down another card so that it would be slim, and I cut a portion of the 12" saying strip.  Those will be what I fit into the inner pockets I created.

I laminated those cards, punched holes, and added eyelets and baker's twine.

All done!   These can be done fairly quickly, and they are so sweet and petite!

I'm loving my little stack of Valentine's cards, and the matching papers are sooo adorable.  Thank you for following along on my adventures.  Hop over to Vera's to snatch up some of this paper line HERE.

And watch the process video HERE.

Happy Heart Day,


Love & Art: Lolly's Double Decker Shaker Card

Hello Crafty Friends!
Lolly's Love Card Marathon continues with a double decker shaker card.
Yep, you heard it right. DOUBLE DECKER!! Because shakers are so much fun.... why not double that fun?!.......

I'm still working on my Valentine Card series, and do you know what is better than a shaker card (besides TWO shaker cards)?   It's a double-decker shaker card.  Or, at least I think so, if it works out!   I've had this in my head for awhile, and it's been itching to come out of my head and onto paper.  Soooo, let's get started!

The first thing I did was choose a 3X4 inch cut apart (I chose the gumball card), and I cut two pieces of card stock and two pieces of acetate, all measuring 4X5 inches.  I also cut a little slip off the bottom of the decorative paper that says, "hello, Sweetheart." 

The two pieces of card stock will be for the bottom (base) of the shaker and the top (frame) of the shaker.  In order to cut the center out of the top piece to make a frame, I drew grid lines on it, half an inch from each edge.

Then I figured out how to use those grid lines on the top card to center my gumball card onto the base!

I laid the top card, grid side up, on my table, and then I put the gumball card face down onto it and applied glue onto the back of the gumball card.

Then I carefully laid the base card over those two cards, trying to match the edges of the top and bottom layers.

When I lifted the base card, the gumball card was centered onto it.  YAY~

Next, I used foam tape strips, cut in half lengthwise, and applied in two layers, to create an elevated border around the base card.

Once I had a border on all four sides, I added some sequins and carefully removed the paper backing on the foam strips.

Then I placed one acetate sheet over the foam and sequins.  Layer one was complete.  Next I used a tape runner to add the "Hello Sweetheart" sentiment to the left side of the card, on top of the acetate.

And I built up another two layers of foam tape around the card and added a different sequins mix.

I peeled off the foam tape backing and placed the second sheet of acetate over all that.  Then I used a ruler and craft blade to remove the center of the top card.

And I used a tape runner to adhere that to the top.  It is so cool!  You can see the depth in the layers of sequins, images, and acetate in person.

I added some buttons and a ribbon to the bottom right corner of the card, and it's done!

I loved this project.  The only difficulty I experienced was that in applying so many layers, it helps to look straight down over the project, which is difficult to do on video.  Speaking of video, you can watch the tutorial HERE.

These Valentine papers are so cute and so fun to work with.  Make sure you get some HERE while they are in stock! 

Thank you so much for following along.

Love & art,

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Love & Art: Lolly's Tabbed Card

Hello Crafty Friends!
Lolly had a crafty dream......

Next up . . . Guess who had another crafty dream?  You guessed it! 

So I kept dreaming about making a card to hold the 4X4 inch cut-apart cards in this paper line, and the card would have two tabs on it -- a front and back.

So I started with three of the cut-aparts -- one for the front, and two for the inside.

Then I cut a piece of card stock 9.25 X 4.25 inches for the card itself, and I scored it on the long side at 4 5/8.

After folding on the score line, I wanted to make tabs on each short end, so I got out my 1-2-3 Punch Board (Envelope Punch Board) and placed the short end of the card at the 2 1/8" mark, making sure that the card was positioned with the mountain fold up, so that the tab would be where I wanted it.  I punched a notch in that location.

Then I slid the card to the right, so that the left border of the card lined up with the center of the punch (my board has a line marking this), and I punched again.

That gave me my first tab.

I rotated the card around to the other short end, and I repeated the process.

Once done, I used a craft blade to remove the non-tab areas from the card ends.

Then it was time to glue on the 4X4 cut-aparts!  One for the cover:

And two on the inside:

Now the weird part of my crafty dream was that I punched two holes in each tab,

threaded seam binding lace through the holes,

and tied a bow.

I did that for the bottom tab as well.

Then I used Diamond Glaze to add shine and dimension to the flowers on the cover.

Keep in mind that all this time, I really wasn't sure if I even LIKED what my craft dream had produced, but I was determined to see it through!  I let that dry overnight, and in the morning when I looked at it with fresh eyes and played with the card, I really did decide that I like the bows.  Then I glued some flat-backed black and white pearls onto the flowers, and it really came alive.

It's definitely different, and I'm not sure I would have tried it, but I'm enjoying it.  Come watch the full process HERE and see another card I made while this one was drying.

Also, you will want to get your crafty  hands on this paper collection HERE before it's all gone!

Thanks for sharing in my "dream crafting"!
Love & Art, 

Our Valentine Winners!

Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun of our Valentine Giveaways.
Your comments mean a lot to us.... it means that we're bringing you joy and it lets our Team know that their hard work is appreciated :)

Congratulations to our winners.....

Love & Art: Lolly's Accordion Strip Card

Hello Crafty Friends!
We continue Lolly's Love Card Marathon today with a clever accordion style card that makes the most of 12" border strip papers!

I'm trying to use a different element on each card in my Valentine Card series.  This time, I wanted to use the 4X6 inch cut apart cards and some of the 12 inch decorative cut apart strips.  I don't do 12 inch scrapbook layouts, so how could I use the 12 inch strips?  I decided to fold them accordion style and insert them in the center of a card.

I chose a 4X6 inch cut apart card for my card front.  I wanted to mat it on a black card, but if I cut the black card larger than 4X6, then I wouldn't be able to get many cards out of the sheet of black card stock.   So, I kept the black card 4X6 on the front (4X12 before folding).

Then I just trimmed the 4X6 card down a pinch on each side so that it would be smaller than the black mat.

Then I cut a piece of thick white paper to about 3.75 X 11.75 and glued it onto what would be the inside of my card.  This will show off the designs better and give me a journaling spot.

Then I scored the black card (after I added the white interior) and folded it in half and glued the 4X6 card onto the front.

After I cut my 12 inch strip, I scored at 3, 6, and 9 inches and folded it so the center fold was up (mountain fold) and the other two were down (valley folds).

 Then I glued one section to the inside right of the card, lining it up with the white border.

Then I folded it, glued the top portion, and closed the card on it.  It's really a super simple card, but sometimes I tend to overthink projects and need the simple aspects of card making to keep me enjoying the crafting process!

Here's what the fold out strip looks like on two of the card I've made like this.

After the card was made, I selected flowers from my stash and used Fabri-Tac to glue some over the floral images.   DONE!

A super quick card that utilizes those 12 inch strips!  You can watch the process HERE and get a close-up view of the other card I made like this as well. 
And head on over to Aunty Vera's website HERE to love on some of her papers!

Love and art from Lolly!
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