Sunday, April 30, 2017

Let Them Eat Cake..... May Kit Sneak Peek

Hello Crafty Friends!

Can you believe it's already the last day of April??!!! Where does the time go?!
We have a very exciting week ahead in Aunty Vera Land....
Tomorrow we reveal our May Kit - Let Them Eat Cake,,,,,, it's totally yummy!
And Tuesday we'll be telling you all about our fabulous challenge for the month of May. You won't want to miss this one!!

Today.... here's a little sneak peek at our May Kit....

Why do I suddenly feel like coffee and cake??
Can you guess what else is in the box?

xx Aunty Vera

Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Big Welcome to our newest Creative Team Member

Hello Crafty Friends!

Well, as you probably all know now, Donna is leaving us for a few months while she goes travelling around Australia (lucky Donna!!). We'll miss you heaps Donna, but wish you a fun and exciting trip.

While Donna is away, we are very lucky to have a new team member joining us.
Fun, super-crafty.... and the Queen of Flowers!
Please say hello to Suzanne.......

Hi.  My name is Suzanne and I live in Queensland with my husband and two adult children.  I love many different kinds of crafts, but my favourite is papercrafting.  I love to make cards, paper flowers, embellishments, pocket letters, loaded envelopes and much more.  I also  do some scrapbooking.  I'm very excited to be joining the Aunty Vera Scrap and Craft Creative team while Donna has a short break.  I hope I can inspire you all to make something beautiful.  I've recently started my own Youtube channel where I hope I can show people some interesting and fun craft ideas.

Here are a few photographs of some of the things that I have been making.  Thanks for taking a look. 

Explosion box

Explosion box
Journals that I have sewn signatures into

Paper flowers

Mixed media tag



See you soon for crafting fun with the May Kit!
xx Suzanne

Thursday, April 27, 2017

On the Bunny Trail: The Chick, The Bunny and The Lamb: 7 Simple Cards from Amira

Hello Crafty Friends!

It's been such a fun month playing with our April kit. Today Amira shares 7 gorgeous cards showcasing Echo Park's super cute Celebrate Easter collection......

Dear Crafters,

Another day, another Ferrero :)

Grab your coffee, I have a few cards I would like to share with you today.

I was SUPER INSPIRED by this cut- apart sheet in the April Kit and I knew straight away that I wanted to make cards with these cute characters!
The chick...
The Easter bunny...
That adorable lamb!!!

Card #1- Easter Chick

Seriously! These cards were SUPER EASY to put together. The whole paper pack in this collection is SO complimentary that this card practically came together on its own!
Firstly, I used the blue script as the main background.

Then, I used the chick paper as the second layer and to that, I added the Easter chick cut apart. And since you know me so well, you know that I love to name things I form an attachment to.
The Chick's name is Ruffles.

Now for the embellishing!

I added leaf ribbon on the left hand side.
A Prima flower on the top right hand corner.
And a border of the plaid paper to cover the sharp corners at the bottom of the card.
And here is the final card...

Card #2- The Easter Bunny 

I love the plaid paper in this collection. I used it here in the top half of the card.
I then took the strip that reads 'The Easter Bunny' from the Echo Park Paper  "Border Strip" and separated the words so that they read down the front of the card.

I then used that GORGEOUS bunny sticker by DoodleBugs and added him to the front because in my heart of hearts, this little guy IS the Easter Bunny.
Lovingly dubbed Mr HunBun!

Card 3- Happy

This 4x6 journaling card provided such a GREAT backdrop for the next card.

I simply stamped out the bunnies from the stamp set onto some white card stock (one of the eggs is stamped on the glossy 'Jelly Beans' 12x12 sheet).
I then fussy cut out them out along with an egg from the amazing 'Coloured Eggs' 12 x 12 sheet and I made it look like the bunnies were holding the eggs up in the air.

Next, I added 'happy' from the embellishment pack and it just seemed so joyful in this scene of bunnies holding eggs up in the air as if they had found their treasures in the hunt.

Finally, as the cherry on top, I added drops of Nuvo to the empty spots in the egg.
Allow to dry overnight! 
Believe me!

And here is the completed card.

Adding a few extra elements really adds character to a card don't you think?

Just take a moment to compare the 2 pics side by side.

Now you know why I always have to add "just one more".

 Card 4- Some bunny loves you.

This card started with the carrot washi tape! The card base is a beautiful shade of dark green and I simply layered the spotty green paper and the carrot paper to achieve this beautiful layout.

Next, I added one of the 2x3 journaling cards with the large carrot.

I then added more of those HILARIOUS bunnies and added the embellishment that says "some bunny loves you". These guys make me giggle every time I see them!
They are like those penguins in Madagascar!

Card 5: Follow the Bunny

This card combines bunny from both the journaling cards AND the ephemera pack and it is all layered in front of that lovely plaid pattern.

I stamped the egg from the stamps onto different papers from the collection ...

I then added the red leaf ribbon underneath it all as a hint of color, and then I added some grass using my Fiskars grass punch (out of green card stock) as well as a cute bunny which I fussy cut from the Easter Celebration 12x12 sheet.

Card 6: I love flowers

The base of this card front ('funny bunny') is one of my favourites because it goes SO well with so many elements in this kit. These 2 elements form the ephemera pack just happened to fall out together like they wanted to be on a card together, so I went with it.

I brought in this adorable element because all bunnies love flowers!
Just ask my mom!
She has a lop eared bunny that eats ALL her flowers when she lets him out for a run in her garden.

Lastly,  I added some pink tulle and tied it like a bow and then topped those flowers with a few of the Prima flowers and this card is done!

Card 7: You're sweeter than jelly beans

I did the same thing as I did with the chick card to this card. I picked the paper that went with the cut-apart sheet, in this case, the cute little lambs in the background just make that big lamb all the more cuter! I then cut apart the 2x3 journaling card so that it became the sentiment for the card.

I then added some of the butterflies as more accents.
This is Lulu the lamb- she's a cutie pie!

Now just to prove to you how EASY it was to put these cards together, I just wanted to show you some variations that COULD have been. Look how interchangeable these papers are.

They can make for some GREAT non-Easter cards.

So here is my collection of cards.
These seriously didn't take me very long at all to make.
When you have such a great co-ordinating collection, making cards like these is such a joy.

Thank you for stopping by.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Oops I Did It Again! .... when craft goes wrong: Amira says Never Give Up

Hello Crafty Friends!

It happens to all of us - art that goes wrong! But Amira says "never give up" because there is always a fix...... or a place to hide it.(lol)......

Dearest Reader,
Henri Matisse once said "Creativity takes Courage" and I agree with him whole-heartedly.
Art usually happens in stages.

Sometimes, you don't know what you are doing when you first start out and you happily play along with how your inner child feels until you get to a stage where you think "What am I doing??" At this point in time, I usually just keep on going! Courage! Add more layers of paint, or spray or more embellishments in the hope that you soon see where this project takes you. Do you remember my New Year's project with the fireworks stencil!! There was a time there where all I could see was red spray looking very much like a blood bath and I thought to myself WHAT AM I DOING?? Check out my video here!

The next stage of art is when you clearly see a mistake in your work. At this stage, I pull out my good ol' friend- gesso! Gesso and courage to slap over what I've just been working at and start all over again. Do you remember this picture I posted on my FB page?

I was SO UNHAPPY with the left eye (her right eye).
I realised that the eyes weren't on the same level!
So I gesso'ed her eye off!
I drew a straight line and correctly placed her eye.

Another stage of art is when I watch a YT video and am totally inspired to reproduce that project. I quickly come to realise that I don't have half the stuff they are using and that it isn't working for me the way it's working for them and I feel frustrated! At this stage, once more, COURAGE is required to realise that you need to allow yourself permission to let your own style and direction dictate your art project. It is fine to be inspired by someone's style but I need to constantly remind myself that it is ok to go my own way and let me own style take over when I start not liking what I am making because I am following someone else's method.

And there is always the space under your bed!
When a project is SO BAD, you cant bear to go on, or it is beyond repair, just stick it under your bed and forget about it *lol*. Goodness knows how many projects gone wrong are now under my bed!
You don't believe me?
See for yourself.

You want to see what's in there?
Ok maybe just one....

This is supposed to be a row boat anchored on a beach but I just cant seem to get the perspective right and the shadow it is casting is all wrong!
I am waiting for a stage in time where I have gained enough skill to go back to this project.
Why did you make me open that dreaded portfolio?
That row boat haunted me for such a long time and now it returns to haunt some more.
Courage Amira, have courage.

I would love to hear some of your stories of projects gone wrong.

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