Friday, June 13, 2014

Technical Garbage and Lovely new Goodies

Well, it's been a very frustrating month. My trusty laptop decided to stop working...that's my laptop with my entire life inside know how it goes.....

So while I went through the drama of sorting out its issues, getting my lovely technical neighbour to pull it apart, figuring out whether it's worth fixing or replacing, I was operating on the super old laptop - aka The Slow motion machine! Hence no blogging for a while :(

But I'm half-way to being back in the world of super fast image uploading *phew* and so glad for it!

Here are some of the new goodies that have arrived since last time I touched base.....

Of course these are just a small selection from each collection. You can find more colours, designs, and full paper collection on our WEBSITE.

Hope you have a great crafty weekend!

Aunty Vera :)

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